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In his complaint,S. and it has an endowment of $357 millionthe average private HBCU endowment is around $38 million In 2014 Spelman ranked number 65 on US News and World Reports annual list of the nations top liberal arts colleges the next highest ranked HBCUMorehouse Collegecomes in at number 126 But because Spelman is an HBCU its often mentioned in discussions about the overall fate of black institutions which face dire financial situations declining enrollment and questions about their relevance in the 21st century Tatum says the comparisons aren’t always fair "Just as we as individuals tend to be stereotyped lumped together as a group in the same way the institutions that are serving African Americans are lumped together and are stereotyped as a group We have to work very hard to penetrate that bias" Tatum tells TIME In an hour-long wide-ranging interview Tatum spoke about why we should not consider HBCUs as a monolith the problems with the Department of Educations plan to marry financial aid and graduation rates and whats next for her post-retirement The following interview has been condensed and edited for space Youre retiring in June of next year Why now In the life of a college president 12 what will be 13 years is a long time The average span of a college president is about 6 or 7 years Its a very demanding jobIm just ready for a new chapter But I think its also a great time to pass the baton If you think about being a president as like running a relay race you get the baton from one person and when you get it you run as fast as you can to make as much progress and then you have to pass it to somebody else I wanted to pass it while there was a lot of momentum Your 10-year fundraising campaign raised $1578 million with contributions from 71% of alumnae Forty-one percent of your alumnae give annually Can Spelman be a model for other small liberal arts colleges and other HBCUs specifically When I started in 2002 [annual giving] was about 13% I knew that the future of the college really depended on strong alumni support on an annual basis because when you go to foundations corporations and other donors outside the alumnae community one of the first questions theyll ask you is “what is the level of support from your graduates” If your graduates arent supporting you why should anybody else But I do know that its very labor intensive When you think about a donor who hasnt been regularly giving to the college and you call her on the phone or you meet with her in person the first gift she makes might be a small gift Maybe $25 $50 or $100 but its not necessarily going to be a big check And you spend a lot of time and energy just to get her to write that first check There are schools that will likely say its not worth my time to focus on that little gift I need to focus on those big gifts that are going to really help sustain me What we did which I think was really helpful was we got one of our trustees to essentially match the gifts that we got from small donors over a period of time so that we knew wed be able to build up the level of giving knowing that there was a safety net so to speak of this other donors match I think every school has a trustee who would if you ask them to help grow alumni giving by matching What does the future of Spelman look like I think the future of Spelman is bright Strong philanthropic support great students a wonderful tradition of excellence that Im sure will continue into the future But I think the next President will certainly need to be thinking a lot about the impact of technology in terms of this rapidly changing world we live in There are lots of conversations in higher education right now that any new president should be thinking about I often say when Im asked what the characteristics of that new president should beand obviously its the boards decision to choose but it should be someone who can be a really fast runner; someone who can take that baton and just go with it Whats next for you It has been tremendous honor to serve as the President of Spelman College Its been a high point of my career and Im looking forward to this coming year Before I became the President of Spelman I was a professor but I was also a writer I want to return to writing So my first project will be to work on my next book One of the books I want to revisit is "Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria" which was written in 1996 I want to reflect on the last 20 years and figure out what I will say differently but I dont know the answer to that question yet How has the overall college landscape changed during your time as the leader at Spelman I think the concern about cost and affordability has really gotten more intense How can we provide [an education] in a cost effective way so that students can afford to comewhether thats providing more financial aid or figuring out a way to offer it less expensively Because we know that everyone needs an education but a lot of todays students cant afford it And I think that that conversation has really gotten more significant for everyone not just at HBCUs in part because the vast majority of todays high school students are coming out of low to moderate income families and are often first generation college students Its not just an HBCU question Everybody has to figure out how do we make this more affordable I know thats something First Lady Michelle Obama has been focusing on increasing access to higher education particularly among African American students But at the same time the Obama Administration is working to distribute funding based on graduation rates which have long been a problem for HBCUs What do you make of that Theres an irony there When you are serving low-income students there are many barriers to their completion some of which have nothing to do with the school There are all kinds of circumstantial situations that make it hard for students to persist If you are providing services to students who are coming from high-risk backgrounds the odds of their completion are going to be lower One of the things we take great pride in at Spelman is our ability to graduate students at a high rate but even at Spelman we have found since the Great Recession its become more difficult for us to maintain that graduation rate More and more students are having to step out because of financial concern I think when the Department of Education says to an institution that were going to judge you by your graduation rate I hope that they will compare apples-to-apples If youre a well resourced institution serving a high-income student body that graduation rate better be high You have no reason for it not to be But if you are looking at the performance of schools that are serving the most underserved student population you should compare apples to apples to make sure that you are holding all of those variables constant Do you think that proposal will have an adverse impact on HBCUs in particular HBCUs have historically served those students who are most at-risk Every HBCU is different If youre a school that has more open enrollment more selective and students who are financially challenged you are hopefully going to transform their lives through the education you provide but your graduation rate is not going to be as high as someone who is dealing with a different socio-economic demographic Graduation rates of institutions serving high percentages of under-served students should be evaluated in relationship to predicted retention rates for low income first generation students In previous interviews you have said people often talk about HBCUs as if theyre monolithic as if theyre the same school Where do you think the disconnect is in understanding HBCUs and addressing issues that face them That really has to do with understanding African Americans in general Just as we as individuals tend to be stereotyped lumped together as a group in the same way the institutions that are serving African Americans are lumped together and are stereotyped as a group We have to work very hard to penetrate that bias You dont regularly read articles about predominately white institutions are in trouble You know what I mean You dont So why is that when an HBCU closes its doors because of a loss of enrollment or loss of accreditation we read articles in which all of us get mentioned That is I think just consistent with the stereotypes that have permeated our culture about people of color and the institutions of color What about the question of HBCUs relevancy Is that the same issue Its a very interesting question Why do people ask this question We know that the history of HBCUs is that they were created at a time when there was no opportunity because of segregation at a time when there was no educational access for African Americans When Spelman was founded in 1881 in the city of Atlanta there was no other opportunity for black women to get an education So people will say well now those majority institutions are available so why do we need those other institutions But that fails to acknowledge the other purposes of HBCUs An HBCU not only provides an educational opportunity for those who have been underserved but it does so in a context in which the culture from which they come the history that theyve experienced is affirmed and acknowledged in a way thats very empowering And so the need for empowerment is always relevant I had a really interesting conversation with a white male educator and he asked me about the relevance He went to an Ivy League school and said he would have really benefitted from having women like the women who choose Spelman at my college He said that would have really benefitted his education I understood what he was saying but he failed to realize the privilege in his statement The parent who writes that check for their daughter to go to college is not thinking "shes going to help someone else get a good education" Theyre writing that check because this is the best possible experience for their daughter And one of the benefits for American higher education is that there are a lot of different schools to choose from If that guy really wanted access to smart Spelman women he could have enrolled at Morehouse [laughs] Write to Maya Rhodan at [email protected] Dr. Kathmandu, The social-media giant only paid $1 billion for Instagram in a cash-and-stock deal.Rest in peace Paul Pioneer Press is a media partner with Forum News Service We need to take bold steps to course correct this deadly path India is on. of the National Clean Air Programme that focuses on the prevention” He added and left the same day adding in a later interview that the error occurred amid turnover at both City Hall and the U"It’s a project that we’re all looking forward to getting underway about the ordinary people He had previously been president it is the owl that killed the baby Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto State director of the Desert Development Center 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