A new residential homes

is closely linked to the current fashion, based on market demand to find business opportunities, is the hard truth! With the Indoorsman Indoorswoman team continues to expand, more and more people love at home, stay at home, it will also opened a home near the business district near the open market!


open a recreational book:


now stores Chinese Manicure such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, just a few years, Manicure employees has reached tens of thousands of people, 1/5 beauty salon added Manicure project. In western developed countries, as long as the occupation permit, people will increase the service. Manicure can be divided into a crystal, silk, a patch, a carving art. Manicure consumers with fashionable women, which have certain consumption ability of white-collar. As long as the domestic good Manicure occupation school 20 days or so, you can master the basic skills and management skills Manicure.

a fotocall phase:

fotocall 10 years has been popular in Japan, it is said that the average Japanese female students have 500 ~ 1000 stickers, stickers have become the representative image, and even replace signature potential. Open a fotocall phase it naturally profitable, although one take charge ten dollars, but are especially popular with young people, more customers, so a month to earn five thousand or six thousand yuan basically no problem.

model soft hoop


starting from the market, starting from the District, above, Xiaobian for you to cite a few more suitable for home in the vicinity of the neighborhood to do a good project, good business, I hope to help you find a market for your business!

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