Gu Huaping and her dream of big business electricity supplier

for grassroots entrepreneurs, the electricity supplier is the greatest invention of this era. Internet business platform greatly expanded the operation of small and micro enterprises, China’s huge consumer market for them to open the door.

11 11, in warehousing and logistics distribution center in Xunwu County Industrial Park, electricity providers, and employees in ancient Huaping to adopt a new orange package, fill out the express list, busy awfully.

in October this year, the construction area of about 10 thousand square meters of Xunwu County Industrial Park opened in the trial operation, ancient Huaping became the first settled in the industrial park business. It is understood that the industrial park for the presence of enterprises to provide training, product display, express logistics and other supporting functions. Currently, the park has entered the electricity supplier business 54.

this era every day to realize the dream of wealth, become entrepreneurial army reserve force of the people, the next wave of entrepreneurial opportunities of the Internet in the cross-border electricity and rural electricity supplier, with the intention of entrepreneurs do not hurry to?

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