Diversification makes convenience store business more prosperous

convenience store, as the name suggests, is to provide consumers with convenient service shop, the general is the sale of commodity. However, under the current fierce competition this market environment, if the offer is only products and services, certainly can not let the business of the shop is more popular, diversification has become the future development trend of convenience store.

Wang is a community convenience store in Beijing Chaoyang District boss, mainly selling drinks, snacks, drinks and household goods. From the beginning of the second half of 2015, Wang began to cooperate with the courier company courier collection, each package can earn 5 cents, income 2000 yuan a month.

in addition, Lao Wang’s convenience store also works with a fresh O2O platform as the line delivery points, and door-to-door delivery service. From this perspective, the convenience store can help electricity providers, in the case of no increase in inventory to expand the category, and with the electricity supplier flow replacement.

how to open a convenience store? Unlike large supermarkets, convenience stores which sell daily necessities, but also provide a variety of convenience services, such as payment of hydropower gas costs, common for broadband and driver training registration etc.. This kind of value-added services to the community residents living, not only can improve the income, but also help to gather the passenger flow.

therefore, the future trend of convenience stores is to make good use of the advantages of terminal information services, community logistics and social activities flow entrance. As a result, it is difficult to make money.

different times, the operation of any one store will be changed, we need to analyze the times. In this rapidly changing economic society, the traditional business has been unable to get people’s recognition, so if you want to open a profitable convenience store, may wish to take a diversified business strategy.

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