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Zainab, Emmanuela recently bagged a role and will be starring in a film by Disney Studios. the revolution began when President Yanukovych refused to sign an integration deal with the E. he asks. on April 4, All this sets the stage for. 2 Early elections Winning the referendum was only step 1; now Erdogan must win an election Next elections are scheduled for November 2019 but Erdogan has three reasons for moving them up to 2018 or even fall 2017 First Turkeys economy is worsening; unemployment hit a 7-year high in early 2017 General unemployment is at 13 percent while youth unemployment is at 245 percent Erdogan knows he better get his vote sooner rather than later Second the longer he waits the more often he has to push for extensions of the state of emergency he needs to advance his argument that "I alone can save Turkey" from traitors and terrorists While Erdogan has firm control of his AK party the opposition remains disorganized; while the Republican Peoples Party (CHP) will likely remain the main opposition force in Parliament early elections would give smaller-scale parties like the National Movement Party (MHP) and the pro-Kurdish Peoples Democracy Party (HDP) as little time as possible to get their act together 3 Oppressed opposition parties Both the MHP and HDP barely cleared the 10 percent threshold of support needed to enter parliament in November 2015 elections and things arent getting easiersince this past summers failed coup attempt Erdogan has shuttered more than 150 media outlets; Turkeys press freedom already under threat has fallen to 151 out of 180 countries on the Reporters Without Borders press freedom index Erdogan has also purged political opponents from the military universities and government ministries According to the International Referendum Observation Mission more than 100000 political opponents have been arrested under emergency decrees 40000 have been detained and more than 150000 civil servants have been fired from their posts all together Yet the opposition knows that if it doesnt mobilize before the next elections Erdogan will be much tougher to deal with after them 4 An even frostier relationship with Europe Europe wasnt thrilled with the referendum outcome especially because Erdogan spent the past few months framing the referendum as "us vs the West" a message that obviously found resonance with a large swath of Turkish voters Turkey-Europe relations became even more strained as Erdogan attempted to woo Turkish voters living in Europe by dispatching government ministers to lead pro-referendum rallies in European cities; when the governments of Germany and the Netherlands refused to allow the rallies to take place (citing security concerns) Erdogan called them Nazis In the end 63 percent of Turkish voters in Germany voted in favor of the referendum as did 71 percent of Turkish voters in the Netherlands and 65 percent in France Looking ahead the real concern for EU leaders is not Turkeys hopeless bid to join the union but the 3 million Syrian and other migrants that Turkey is housing as part of a broader EU-Turkey deal; Erdogan has threatened more than once to push as many as possible of the migrants toward Europe As part of the deal Turkey was supposed to improve press freedom and drop talk of a reinstatement of the death penalty That hasnt happened In short EU leaders must contend with the reality that Turkey is starting to look less like Europe and more like Russia 5 A worsening dilemma in Syria The referendum victory may well embolden Erdogan to play a larger role in neighboring Syria especially if he feels under threat and needs to manufacture a geopolitical crisis to mobilize nationalist voters Thatd be a risky if still remote move Beyond the hundreds of Turkish casualties and millions spent Turkeys intervention has already stirred up geopolitical trouble In November 2015 Turkey shot down a Russian jet over the Syrian-Turkish border In December an off-duty Turkish police officer assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey in Ankara to protest Moscows involvement in Syria Erdogan and Putin have since smoothed things over but how long that will last is anybodys guess As Turkey stumbles along in Syria Erdogans strongman image will suffer particularly because hes been unable to check the progress of Syrian Kurds who hope to carve out a homeland for themselves in parts of Syria that President Bashar al-Assad cant control That might encourage the more militant of Turkeys Kurds to push for their own territory as well And thats a problem that becomes more dangerous and expensive for Turkey every year as Erdogan refuses compromises with Kurdish moderates In other words the challenges ahead for Turkey are just beginning Contact us at [email protected] Sarah Jessica Parker is ending her relationship with pharmaceutical giant Mylan and speaking out against how the company jacked the price of EpiPens to more than $600 each She announced that she has cut ties due to the price hikes in a Thursday statement on Instagram Parker had been involved with an unbranded Mylan ad campaign about anaphylaxis as her son has a severe peanut allergy “I’m left disappointed saddened and deeply concerned by Mylan’s actions” Parker wrote in the statement “I hope they…will take swift action to lower the cost to be more affordable for whom it is a life-saving necessity” On Thursday Mylan had announced that it would expand its patient-assistance program to reduce costs for people who couldn’t afford EpiPens The move came after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke against the price hike and its stock plummeted Wednesday Write to Julia Zorthian at [email protected] learning more about 3-D printing. 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