Chengdu Tianfu venture will be upgraded to version 2

in Chengdu over the past two years has been to create "venture Tianfu" plan, to build Chengdu into the western region with innovative entrepreneurial city attraction. Recently, some experts have proposed "Tianfu venture" will be upgraded to version 2, in order to adapt to the changing needs of society.

economic data is never a simple quantitative and isolated, it will bring what changes to our life? Information from the meeting yesterday, for entrepreneurs, Chengdu this year plans to "Ching Rong Hui" do overseas, more international cooperation program will be here; for employment, this year Chengdu will choose 100 companies to carry out the new municipal apprenticeship pilot work, personal occupation skill level will have increased significantly; for the elderly people, Chengdu will start the construction plan of action for community nursing homes for three years this year.

business focus;

"venture Tianfu" 2 edition

The main activities of


support platform 

specialization agglomeration;

guarantee policy

technology and Finance

support personnel

to lead the high-end;

"in Colleges and universities in the introduction of talent, not only consider the number of his published papers, but also to see whether there is a core technology. People over, can according to the enterprise idea, with technical lead or contractor enterprises." – Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

"Jing Rong Hui" will be directed to the overseas

protocol and Sichuan

leading enterprise technology exploration

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