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in order to inject new vitality into innovation and entrepreneurship, Xiamen is actively creating a new engine of innovation and entrepreneurship, I believe in the support of the policy, the choice of entrepreneurship is more and more, the quality of entrepreneurship is constantly improving.

25 PM, municipal committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party committee secretary, party secretary Huang Qiang led the research of Haicang free trade zone and innovation community construction stressed, to seize the day, Time will not wait for me. spirit, do everything possible to speed up the project progress, to create innovative business "new engine", to inject vitality into regional transformation.

a space industry and the public in the communication business square, Huang Qiang hope Taiwanese investment zone based on regional advantages, efforts to introduce more Taiwan venture group, so that the two sides hit off the free trade zone to develop, to blossom, become Taiwan, Taiwan youth hit off "second home".

"innovation community to improve the government service, the introduction of professional services, highlighting entrepreneurial service features, service is a passenger, also the convenience of the masses." Huang Qiang stressed that to adhere to demand-oriented, problem oriented, learn from experience of small town construction in Zhejiang characteristics, focusing on the regional industry oriented, offer to meet the preferences of young people in public office space and facilities for recreation, let the younger guests fully display their talent, accelerate the realization of the dream.



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