Suitable for higher income entrepreneurial projects in 2014

in the last half of the 2014, there are a lot of entrepreneurial projects, and business opportunities are also very large, so in this year, what are the projects can be successful? Or is it a lot of money to start a business? Today we’re going to take stock.

2014 years to earn tens of thousands of entrepreneurial projects which 1, Youth Hostel

2014 years to earn more than ten million entrepreneurial projects which have 2, grocery door service

2014 years to earn more than 10000 entrepreneurial projects which 3, barbecue

Open stalls in the relatively low cost, 3000 yuan will be able to open a small grill (not including store rent and renovation costs). Some of the current popular barbecue shop, one day can sell two or three whole sheep is not uncommon, is eliminating labor, housing and other expenses, income is very considerable.

2014 years earned over ten million entrepreneurial projects which 4, landscape design studio

"city, better life", this is not only the 2010 Shanghai World Expo theme is the development trend of the city: pay attention to the living environment, emphasizing the harmony between man and nature. The process of urbanization in China is becoming faster and faster, and landscape design has become an important part of urban construction. Especially in recent years, real estate continues to heat up, so that the demand for landscape designers.

2014 years to earn tens of thousands of entrepreneurial projects which 5, Chinese medicine sales

with independent intellectual property rights is the biggest advantage of traditional Chinese medicine China (which is the other pharmaceutical sub industries do not have), WTO for China Chinese medicine industry provides a good opportunity to go abroad, to expand the international market share; but whether the extent of benefit from the "WTO" is depending on the traditional Chinese medicine industry in the next few years of development. It is worth noting that the country has

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