Liu Chuanzhi Ben day also bears the boil

referred to Liu Chuanzhi, the Chinese people are sure to know, he is the chairman of Lenovo Group, a legendary life experience, very rich entrepreneurial wisdom, many young people as entrepreneurial mentor. Recently, Liu Chuanzhi shared his entrepreneurial experience at a training session of Lenovo Group, here is the content of his speech.

know Ben the day also bears the "boil"


will "kill". Sometimes I read, think of the author to talk things very thoroughly, let me admire admire. Some economists are also very thorough analysis of things, but they can not do business CEO, when the leadership. Because the character really needs to make up his mind when it is determined that the time to start.

What will the quality of

contains what? This is my own from which to be keenly aware of.

quality will have congenital, acquired. Congenital affirmation is a very important part, but not absolute. Good people will even be congenital, also need to be acquired through training. I was hit again and again, the courage to get bigger and bigger. Even if the inherent aspect is not particularly good, but as long as you continue to temper, temper will still be better.

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