College students do not open 3D printing business results

In the face of contemporary college students

huge employment pressure of cattle to start early, do a good job after graduation planning for himself in the school, the students are very wise, saw the amazing potential 3D printing market, resolutely opened a 3D printing service.

3D printing is how it happened yesterday, Ding Qiquan gave reporters a demonstration, "hit you ‘Wuhan evening news’ a few words." He first enter the 4 words on the computer into 3D by software, then import the 3D printer, the machine immediately launched a conical nozzle and goes on, while spit out red hot plastic solution.

"ordinary printer is flat printing, 3D printing is a printing layer, to construct three-dimensional objects by superposition method." He also found jehubbah dolls, key chains and other gadgets, said this is a pastime, see a friend with a. After more than 1 hours, the Wuhan evening news, the three-dimensional characters out.

Third, by Ding Qiquan college laboratory 3D printer self printing technology, now all can deal with their own fault. In April this year, he set up a company to help customers will become a kind of creative, in the past, the customer’s industrial design, to be made by CNC machine tools and other equipment, a model to be a million. And now through his 3D printer, can quickly print out, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, he has printed a car exhaust pipe, intelligent door locks and other models.

the entrepreneurial market not order, there is no age limit, as long as you can find their own entrepreneurial orientation and entrepreneurial projects, you can start to work out for yourself as a wealth future, determined to do poineering work, hard work is very important!


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