BENS BLOG I used to be a bookmaker

first_imgBut now I’m also expected to be:A social-worker A policeman A money-laundering expertAll roles that I have never claimed to be. I’d far rather leave it to the qualified experts, to get on with these jobs.I am a bookmaker. Pure and simple. Always have been. Always will be.Corals have recently been fined £880,000 (SEE STORY) for taking bets from a Punter, who it turned out, had nicked the money.So what?If the thief didn’t lose it to a bookie, he might have spent it on drugs, bought a Ferrari, or gone on a holiday with a group of persuadable women.It’s only because the money was punted, there’s now a big guilt-trip, and it’s down to the bookmaker.When people end up losing any money, at anything, it’s always got to be someone else’s fault. They can’t quite ever, actually come to terms, that they are responsible for their actions.WOULD ANY OF THESE HOLIER-THAN-THOU FINGER-POINTERS LAST 5 MINUTES AS A BOOKMAKER?In other news:Sartoria, 20 Saville Row, Mayfair, W1S 3PR. (WEB SITE) An airy, classy, elegant and beautiful place to eat. I’m simply too much of a heathen though. I liked very little on the menu and thought it was bang toppy to boot. It just didn’t seem like a Mayfair card to me, and I don’t see it lasting. One for the ‘Ooly Fooly’ fancy-foodies, I’m afraid. 5Over and out, B x‎last_img

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