Entrepreneurs return to the workplace business owners how to see

entrepreneurs back to work, the boss will not accept it? I believe there are so many entrepreneurs who want to hear the answer. Here, there are a lot of entrepreneurs can tell you the answer, come and see!


Quancheng Essien

Tianjin poly and Connaught Technology Co. Ltd. General Manager Yuan Haitao    

Liu Wenling;

; Luo Zhi

entrepreneurs to return to the workplace

has more sense of identity to the boss

"entrepreneurs to return to the workplace, of which there are many reasons, not necessarily entrepreneurial failure." Tao Yuan first speak their views, "speaking from my own experience, I just because there are old and small, had to give up in the south of entrepreneurship, back to work. So in my opinion, after returning to the workplace, I am more able to identify with the boss than before, but also into the company." Yuan Tao believes that entrepreneurs return to the workplace, the mentality will be more peaceful, their loyalty will be higher, but also know how to work with the Department, between colleagues, between the upper and lower levels.

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