How to locate ice cream shop

ice cream is a lot of friends like to eat food, then, if you open an ice cream shop, how to locate it? Only set a good standard, so that we can join the shop in order to business is good, Xiao Bian introduced.

how to locate the ice cream shop? Age orientation: the distribution of the main customer groups in the age of 12 -35 years old, due to the different needs of each part of the population, so the need for segmentation. People aged 12 -18 years old on the cheap and good taste of ice cream interest; people aged 18 -25 years old for new, but the price of less than 50 yuan in the interest of ice cream; people aged 25 -35 years old of good taste, strong brand of ice cream is interested.

gender positioning: as the main customer base in a large proportion of female customers, how to locate the ice cream store? So the ice cream flavors with chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, pure cream, vanilla, pastry, flowers mainly.

taste positioning: chocolate, strawberry taste more suitable for people under 25 years of age; how to locate the ice cream store? Blueberry, vanilla taste more suitable for people over the age of 25; cream ice cream is more suitable for mental workers.

consumer psychology and cultural background position: the choice of high-grade ice cream customers, the pursuit of brand, taste more than the pursuit of taste; choose mid-range ice cream customers, is the pursuit of taste; select the low ice cream to hot weather thirst customers. Usually consumers, including primary and secondary students will choose low-grade ice cream; college students, white-collar women will choose high-end ice cream; high-income groups will choose high-end ice cream.

how to locate the ice cream shop? The above is how to open the ice cream shop how to locate some of the hope that we should pay more attention to this, only the choice of good positioning, so as to be targeted for investment.

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