November 30 2003 In the DINKY LINKS III tournamen

first_imgNovember 30, 2003In the DINKY LINKS III tournament at Arcosanti, Dr. Sparks leads the game in a golf tournament on the rugged desert terrain that surrounds Arcosanti. Sparks makes the point that anyone can hit a ball on a lawn. This is a much more difficult course. Visiting alumna, Liz Schiffler, chips to the turtle rock hole. [Photo: Dr. Sparks & Text: Ayano Atsumi] Visiting alumna, Gwen Burke, uses every advantage. [Photo: Dr. Sparks & Text: Ayano Atsumi] Everyone is a Winner! The DINKY LINKS award ceremony takes place at the Colly Soleri Minds Garden. [Photo: Dr. Sparks & Text: Ayano Atsumi]last_img

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