Huaibei Ling date listed on the nternet easy to sell jujube

along with the gradual deepening of the Internet to our side, online shopping has become a major national consumption patterns, and now the agricultural products can also be sold through the Internet in a timely manner. "I just picked up the spirit of the jujube, beat the map to the Internet, it was scheduled for an empty." Autumn is the season of song Tuan Zhen Huang Ying Cun Lieshan District of Huaibei city spirit dates listed. It is gratifying that, not only a large number of customers to drive carts to the village of Huang purchase, the local villagers have learned to sell online dates.

Huang Ling jujube skin thin light, far and near known. In recent years, Huang Ying song Tuan Zhen Village in Lieshan District in order to encourage farmers to develop planting jujube, 30 cellars built in the mountains, established the jujube farmer cooperatives Huang Ling, registered trademark. Now the village has been the development of farmers more than 60 households, the spirit of jujube planting area of 2 acres, has become the spirit of jujube shaking Qian Shu local villagers become rich "". Recently, because of the weather, there is a little drought on the mountain, the yield of jujube is not better than that of previous years, but the market is very good." Said Shen Wentong, head of Huaibei’s colorful family farm. According to its introduction, their own family farm has 400 acres of Ling jujube, the current day can sell three thousand or four thousand pounds, moderate sales price.

wine is also afraid of deep alley. Lift is located in the mountains of the Yellow camp village and Huang Ying Ling dates, people may not be very familiar with. However, Huang Ying Village Party branch secretary Li Wan said in advance, some local farmers began to carry out the spirit of the consciousness of using the Internet to date sales. This will not only enhance the reputation of Huang Ling dates, but also broaden the market.

Li Wanxin introduced this year, Lieshan District, the agricultural electricity supplier training as an important training to catch. At the beginning of July, a local training school by farmer backbone, family farmers cooperatives of farmers and Huang Ying in the region of agricultural products supplier training 7 days. "Teacher training is also deeply on jujube, tracking service early in the electricity supplier training farmers, guide online sales." Villager Li Yuanyuan said. New electricity supplier Li Yuanyuan did not expect, although his shop just opened, but click on the large quantity, good sales prospects. The reporter learned that, in Huang Village, and Li Yuanyuan do their business as well as more than 10, they will Huang Ying Ling jujube sold all over the country through the internet.

Ling Huaibei jujube market season, online selling dates easy to earn, so the majority of farmers followed the trend of the market, and constantly enhance the effective use of the Internet, the benefits are very diverse. Huang intends to put the spirit of jujube dates to promote the electronic business platform, so that more people understand the spirit of Huang ying." Shen Yongchao is the head of a trading company in Huaibei. He explained that the company’s first batch of 2000 pounds of fruit has been successfully sold to Nanjing, Hainan and other places, the market reflects good. "With the network, we are not afraid to go without Huang Ying Ling jujube mountain wowo." Villagers Chen Zhenqi said excitedly.

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