Pajamas top ten brands list

improvement of economic conditions, so that people have a higher quality of life for the pursuit of a higher, so, after returning home will have a home service, sleep will have pajamas. Pajamas is designed for people to go to bed at night with good clothing, pajamas can bring people comfortable and secure high-quality sleep. Following with the small series of pajamas look at the top ten brands list, what kind of pajamas good quality.

pajamas ten brands list NO.1, finthen

underwear brand floral thin pajamas, T-shirts exquisite tailoring, their graceful neck beauty, beautiful lace stitching irregular, elegant and fashionable.

pajamas ten brands list NO.2,

American Standard

American Standard brand, Home Furnishing cute clothes, give you easily without the old feeling, pink and tender color collocation, full of girly.

pajamas ten brands list NO.3, love

brand love ladies pajamas, plain fabric and fabric printing cleverly combined chest romantic painting, beautiful and warm, bring fresh sweet woman.

pajamas ten brands list NO.4, autumn deer

autumn deer brand women’s printing pajamas suit, the edge of the mosaic collar, add a sweet fashion sense, warm colors, exquisite printing, the upper body is very lady.

pajamas ten brands list NO.5, conlia

conlia brand ladies pajamas, gentle light luxury romantic color, full of ladies temperament you, simple lapel collar, highlighting the classic sense of elegance.

pajamas ten brands list NO.6, Vitoria’s Secret

pajamas ten brands in Vitoria secret brand is one of the most sexy underwear Home Furnishing clothing brand famous, global, and the secret of the Vitoria brand is a popular global brand, with its unique style, color and design, brand pajamas ten secrets of Vitoria has become the world’s stunning female fashion brand.

pajamas ten brands list, NO.7 sent Buongiorno

ten brand pajamas sent Buongiorno was founded in 2001, although the history is not long, but its influence is very big, is sent into the consumer Buongiorno "LOHAS" of the new concept, ten brand pajamas sent Buongiorno provides a free light.

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