Xbox One players spend more money on Ubisoft than players on PlayStation

first_imgAs we all know, the PlayStation 4 is the best-selling current-gen console on the market, with roughly 35.9 million units sold worldwide. Coming in second place is the Xbox One which has an estimated 19.1 million units sold. The wide gap between the two systems doesn’t mean that the Xbox One isn’t bringing in good money from game sales, however. According to a recent earnings report from Ubisoft, it appears that the French publisher is bringing in more money from Xbox One players over those on PlayStation 4.As VentureBeat pointed out, the average Xbox One player spends roughly $1.25 on Ubisoft games, whereas PS4 users spend an average of $1. This may seem odd considering that the same report says that 41 percent of Ubisoft’s third quarter earnings came from the PS4 over 27 percent from the Xbox One. The PS4 market is worth about 52 percent more to Ubisoft than that of the Xbox One’s. So how can Xbox One players be earning more money for the publisher?Ironically enough, the Xbox One’s smaller install base is the reason for this. It seems that Ubisoft is dividing dollars spent on its games by the total number of players out there. If this is the case, then it could actually help inflate the numbers we see. There may be more PS4 users out there, but they aren’t buying as many Ubisoft games as those on Xbox One, proportionately speaking.This data is useful to help ensure third party partners that theirs is a viable system to develop for. It can also help to secure future exclusivity deals for the console as well. Second place or not, The Xbox One is proving itself to be a money maker for Microsoft.last_img

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