What are the criteria for joining the venture selection project

join venture in the current entrepreneurial market has become an option for many people, however, in the end what kind of project is worthy of our choice, which is a standard reference. In fact, the investigation of entrepreneurial projects is based on standards, not on their own imagination! The following Xiaobian summed up the six criteria, we hope to help entrepreneurs, specific principles are as follows:

first, legitimacy

The investigation of

on project founder.

mainly includes:

1, whether the project has business registration, the project side of the business registration is valid.

2, some projects may take people’s license Mongolia, so investors also need to identify the project held by the license, business license should pay attention to in the name of the enterprise and provide the enterprise name, business scope is consistent, if not, explain the need for the project. When signing the contract, it shall sign with the legal person on the business license, and affix the official seal on the business license. For the sake of safety, can be further to the local industry and Commerce authorities.

two, credibility

Before considering joining

, it is necessary to investigate the credibility of the project.

The content of

investigation mainly includes:

1, the project provided by the office address is true, with the business license is the same address. In addition, investors also need to examine the duration of the project side of the enterprise, has been operating for a long time. Generally speaking, the longer the duration of a business, the more reliable the longer the history of employment. When necessary, the property can be found on the project side of the lease term, how long the rent paid, to when. From the size of the registered capital of the project side, you can also see the strength and ability to bear the responsibility for breach of contract.

2, whether the project has operated another enterprise, carried out other projects investment, the results? If they had ever run several other items, will leave traces, as long as investors carefully hook is not difficult to see the flaws.

3, a number of project parties are happy to announce the number of people who have joined in the oral and advertising, information, this figure is often very large, in order to increase the attractiveness of investors, we must pay attention to investigate its authenticity.

4, some projects often advertise their award-winning, what "best" and "most attractive" and "investors are most satisfied" and so on, these awards often issued by some industry organizations, merchants organizing committee and the media, including >

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