Kawangka milk tea shop prospects

the development of the food and beverage industry makes many of the industry’s operating results have been very good, such as milk drinks industry. In order to meet the changing needs of the market, Kawangka milk tea to join the headquarters launched a more market recognition of the delicious, naturally favored by consumers. From the production of raw materials to drink tea, Kawangka headquarters adhere to fresh and pure and healthy principle, so that consumers enjoy more fresh drinks, more elegant taste, so that consumers transported with joy.

What is the

Kawangka operation mode? Development prospects?

Kawangka operation mode:

Kawangka: intimate logistics operation mode of distribution system, timely delivery of the new quarter, posters, promotional activities, Kawangka tea is a chain of fresh ice cream – based tea tea, Kawangka is committed to creating a new chain form, more healthy and more specialty products for the consumer.

Kawangka prospects:

Kawangka tea brand is China only one in British culture as the theme of the bus will be the combination of tea beverage brands, mellow and Taiwan Handmade advantages, to create a unique taste, suitable for consumers to create China tea, so that every customer can quickly Kawangka to drink tea delicious, meet consumer taste buds.

the pace of life and promote the development pace of society, people have different needs, Kawangka tea in recent years, uphold the principle of "healthy and fashionable, high quality and low price" business philosophy, in the country more than and 20 provinces, more than and 100 city by the consumer favorite tea shops in the Kawangka! By the end of 2009 the number has exceeded more than 1 thousand is a day to open new stores, and an astonishing 2 between the rapid growth of


Kawangka out of the ordinary operation mode, also let your business fire stop! Kawangka tea shop is from the beginning of the dozens have been developed to more than 1 thousand now with Kawangka tea to join the growing ranks, but also to provide more perfect service for tea shop franchisee. If you want to join Kawangka tea, then in the comments below website to join


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