Sichuan Deyang the return of migrant workers can enjoy Easy Access

now the whole society, the majority of migrant workers entrepreneurs can be said to be concerned about, at the same time, the government is also constantly introduced a series of policies and measures to help the majority of migrant workers entrepreneurs.

provisions of measures, Deyang city will Industrial and Commercial Bureau for migrant workers opened up business Easy Access, the establishment of migrant workers return home business service window, to provide "one-stop" services for their bid for the business license, and free contract management software, on-site guidance and contract management software application, to help migrant workers return home entrepreneurship to enhance the level of contract management. Risk prevention.

and migrant workers returning home for all kinds of investment into the city park, Deyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau will also provide on-site service license.

in addition, for in the success of entrepreneurship of migrant workers returning home investment, Deyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau will arrange the entire assist chain management, enterprise migration branch, industrial and commercial registration.

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