Hang Out at the Office No Like Literally Suspended in the Monade

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Falling asleep at your desk? Step into this sky-high pod for the burst of adrenaline you need.The Monade Capsule, from French designer Alice Bleton, hangs from the edge of a building, giving users a temporary respite—and probably a heart attack.“As city dwellers, our daily environment consists mainly of concrete and glass buildings,” according to Bleton’s project page. “If we can not escape from this landscape, we need to look at things in our environment that give us air and inspiration.”Unveiled at this year’s Dutch Design Week, the rooftop capsule consists of 21 transparent fiberglass pieces, and a window. Its name derives from the Greek word “monad,” which represents “the smallest or minimal unit.”Not for the faint of heart (via Alice Bleton)Which makes sense, considering Bleton was inspired by minimal living spaces designed for extreme conditions: mountain huts, spaceships, submarines, bunkers.“Such minimal spaces provide a source of efficient ideas about creating compact spaces to survive,” her website said.“Thanks to new technology and advanced research, those capsules become more comfortable, livable, and accessible,” Bleton continued. “It seems that our habits should evolve with the growth of the population and our cities.”Aimed at folks working in the concrete jungle (who have a strong stomach and an inclination toward heights), the futuristic hut serves as a haven from the sounds and sights of the office.The office probably isn’t the best place to conquer your fear of heights (via Alice Bleton)Bring your lunch for some alone time, make private phone calls, or simply take in the views. Just don’t look down.“Like a mountain retreat, it offers a quiet space to breathe with a new viewpoint,” Bleton said. “Spread over the city, the capsules can create a network of unique views—a new way to perceive and embrace our environment.”It is not clear exactly how the weather-proof shelter is secured to the building; none of the accompanying photos show any type of fastener. There is also no word on production, pricing, or availability of the Monade Capsule, which debuted as a prototype in October.last_img

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