Project Eternity becomes mostfunded game in Kickstarter history

first_imgThere may come a point where geniuses with great ideas no longer need to get a loan from the bank. Just seven months ago, a group of developers creating a game called Double Fine Adventure claimed a record-breaking $3.33 million in funding through a Kickstarter campaign. That record was easily quashed by another RPG that brought the question of development cost directly to the people who want to play the game.Obsidian Entertainment posted its upcoming game Project Eternity on the social crowdfunding site, and by the time it closed it raised nearly $4 million from individual users who just wanted to be a part of it and score an early copy of the game. Oh, and some vain users may have just appreciated that their pledge ensured them a spot in the game’s credits.The game claims to “pay homage” to the previous games that have used BioWare’s very famous Infinity Engine. According to the Kickstarter description, it contains the epic exploration of Baldur’s Gate, the intense dungeon crawling of Icewind Dale, and the imaginative writing of Planescape: Torment. The founders of Obsidian worked on games like the above before branching off to create their own company.The new company was born in 2003, with the founders saying that PC role-playing games is their passion. They understand the genre and they know that it has a very passionate and loyal following — hence why the allure of a brand new epic RPG was able to draw in so much money so quickly.Incredibly, the company was only looking for $1.1 million when the Kickstarter campaign first went live. It achieved that in one day. In the end, it raised $3,986,929, garnering a total of 73,986 financial backers.via Kickstarterlast_img

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