Microsoft Research releases free Cliplets computer vision video editor

first_imgMicrosoft Research is a unique sect that focuses on looking into computing solutions. One of their latest projects called Cliplets, unveiled at Microsoft’s own TechFest 2012, is a free piece of software that video enthusiasts–consumer and professional–may enjoy. Cliplets is video manipulation software and explores the space between still and video media. The software allows the user to take a moment in time from a home video, and focus on looping the action of one object, while all other actions surrounding that object remain frozen in time. For instance, say you took a video of a waterfall, but the camera is shaking and some hikers walked into your shot toward the end. You can isolate the waterfall as one object and make it loop, allowing you to create a dynamic photo; the waterfall still falling, but everything else standing still. The actual demo (shown in the video above), makes the process seem quite simple: take a short video clip and use something akin to Photoshop’s lasso tool to select and isolate one object. The software does all the work from there by keeping the images aligned thanks to computer vision, which analyses images, digests them, and translates them from real world to numeric values. Microsoft has also made a number of video tutorials starting out with a simple how to make one repeating loop layer and ending with a more complex video that involves several layers. All the videos should help anyone get up to speed quickly with the software. There’s also a support forum that helps with more technical issues, like installation problems and bugs.The Cliplets application is available for download from the Micorsoft Research website for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. via GeekWirelast_img

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