Review Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars for Nintendo 3DS

first_imgEnough Lego games (Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc.) have been released that a dependable formula has been established. They get good source material and then throw in the blocks, basic mechanics, and fun graphics to make for approachable games that are appropriate for the whole family. They are fun, non-violent, and easy enough for kids to get through with some challenge for older people if they want to focus on things like score and completion percentage.The latest installment of the Lego series, is the 3DS launch title Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. It takes us back to the familiar Star Wars universe, with Luke, Leia, Yoda, the Stormtroopers, and all the other characters that we know so well. But it’s not an exact retelling, so even if you’ve watched Clone Wars a number of times you can still enjoy the game and its cut scenes. The game is basically a distilled version of Star Wars action scenes with non-stop laser shooting, lots of lightsabers, frequent use of the force, and an emphasis on teamwork in order to get past obstacles. At any time you have two or more people in your party so you are constantly switching to, say, use a Jedi’s force to scale a wall and then using Yoda’s small size to crawl through a vent.The game consists of simple button-mashing to attack and defend yourself, and it’s quite easy. Even if it wasn’t that easy, the challenge would be limited because you have as many lives as you’d like, the only penalty for dying being the loss of a thousand or so coins (which you can usually retrieve when you are revived). The coins are used to buy extra characters and special bonuses on the hub level and they are the best way for more advanced players to measure progress when playing. There are also collectibles, some of which require special characters to get to, so there is strong element of replayability in each level.The action quickly gets tedious thanks to the Jedi’s lightsabers being basically unstoppable. So normally you just choose the guy with the lightsaber, swing it until everything is destroyed, pick up all the coins, and then move on. At that point you might need someone else’s special ability to progress, but you’ll be back at the Jedi/Sith before long. The fundamentals, like controls, visuals, and audio are all good, but it’s a lot of the same. The only weak part of the game is that can be frustrating is the platforming because you have to account not just for the distance of the jump (which is easy) but depth, which can be tricky.The 3D works well with Clone Wars, so long as you are good about keeping the 3DS very steady (this can be hard during longer levels). You get a good sense of depth and it’s a good looking game, even if elements tend to be very small. The game was clearly designed with the intention of showcasing the 3D as it’s worked into the level design at times. That said it’s not an integral part–after all the game has to be playable in 2D as well. Ultimately the 3D worked well for me but I didn’t feel like I missed it when I turned it off, and I enjoyed the 3D effect more with Pilotwings Resort.Overall, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars isn’t a must-have game, but it serves as a good enough introduction to the 3DS. It’ll be too easy for dedicated gamers, but they’ll be able to squeeze 10 or so hours out of it if they want to get through the levels and grab most of the collectibles. It’s a better gamers for the 10-12-year-old crowd who wants something fun, approachable, and action-packed without unnecessary depth or complexity. As far as the 3DS launch titles go, Street Fighter is still on top but this isn’t the worst of the bunch.last_img

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