The Kinect is optimized to use the barest minimum of the Xbox

first_imgMicrosoft‘s Kinect accessory for the Xbox 360 is due out tomorrow, finally bringing motion and gesture control to 360 gamers, and it’s unknown how big a success it will prove to be. The technology is cool, but pre-release complaints of the Kinect abound, and cover everything from lag to shoddy voice control.One thing you don’t need to worry about with the Kinect, though, is it slowing down your Xbox 360: it appears that Microsoft has managed some incredible optimization of the Kinect software right down to the last week before launch.Trying to extrapolate motions and commands from a user’s gestures and voice is hard work, but Microsoft says that they’ve optimized the Kinect to draw CPU power in the single digits… possibly as low as a mere one percent of a CPU’s capacity. That’s a lot of overhead eliminated, considering that it was previously rumored that the Kinect would draw up to 10 to 15 percent of the Xbox 360’s processing power.That’s good news for gamers who might expect the Kinect overhead to gimp the capabilities of the titles utilizing the system, but only tomorrow will tell if that CPU optimization will be enough to make the system a success: the Kinect still has lag issues, and pre-release talk amongst those in the know says the Kinect also has a serious field-of-view issue that makes it almost impossible to use in anything but the biggest and most open of living rooms. At $150 a pop? We’re still skeptical.Read more at Games Industrylast_img

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