nventory for the summer to start the project

in the summer of each year, there will be some of the characteristics of the summer logo, at the same time, it is also a very good starting point, people also need to seize such a starting point, to actively carry out entrepreneurship. So, summer, hot! What is a good project for summer business?

The characteristics of the main business of

investmentYou don’t need a large

economic benefits

every cup of soda for the cost of 0.25 yuan, the retail price of 1.5 yuan, two people every day to do a thousand soda cup, 200 cups per day of sales, profit 1.25=250 yuan every day 200×. Remove the wages and raw material costs, net profit per day in more than 180 yuan, annual 3~10 month sales season, 7 months and 30 days of × × 180 yuan =37800 yuan.

site should be located in the downtown area of the city, the store must be clear, preferably near the school, for students to accept new things faster.

mini fridge


people when shopping, often can see a variety of shoe stores, such as shoe stores, travel shoe stores, sports shoes stores, even shoes store, but whether the note is recommended

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