Londons Friendliest Bus Driver Ahmed Serhani Gets His Own Film

Rabat – Bus 214 through Camden town is known to Londoners as “the happy bus,” driven by Ahmed Serhani. Serhani, of Moroccan origin, is an inspiring person who brightens his passengers’ day with his ready smile and amiable attitude.Joe Bloom, a painter and filmmaker from London, encountered Serhani’s friendliness at work and started to film the way he exchanged greetings with passengers and easily interacted with them.Bloom, who knew Serhani since he was a young boy, decided to make a six-minute film of the bus driver. Bloom told British media: “I was studying at the Glasgow School of Art when I decided Ahmed would make a great subject for a film. I would get on the bus a lot and always chat with him.”“I’d known him since I was a boy, and when I left university I decided it was time to make him the subject of a film and celebrate the way he brings smiles to the faces of everyone he meets,” he stated.Read Also: Video of Bus Driver in Casablanca Holding Umbrella Goes ViralThe six-minute film is named “Ahmed Serhani, A portrait.” It will premier at the London Transport Museum in 2019.In the film, Serhani talks about how much he loves his job. Serhani has worked as a bus driver in London for twelve years. To him, the people who ride with him are not just “customers” or “passengers,” but are his friends and family because they are part of his everyday life.Life is not all “hunky-dory” for Serhani who, like everyone else, has problems to deal with. But Serhani says his philosophy of life starts with a “smile.” He said, “You have two options; smile and get on with your life, or cry. Whether you smile or cry, the problem is still there. So what option would I choose? Smile, of course.”Read Also: Scottish Woman Living in Imlil Delivers Touching Testimony about MoroccoWhen Bloom showed the film to Serhani’s family members who still live in Morocco, they were very proud of Ahmed.People who rode with Serhani posted comments on social media like: “He is the nicest person, every time I get on his bus, or see him in passing, I am greeted by his lovely smile; he really brings out the positive energy in everyone, so happy that Joe did this film.”Commenters also thanked Bloom for making the film: “Thank you so much for showing Ahmed the recognition he deserves. I’ve known him since I was little and our family has considered him a long time friend. He always made my day when I got on his bus.”

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