Baccalaureate Exam Cheating Down 60 Percent Over 2016 Education Ministry

Rabat – The rate of cheating in Morocco has dropped by 60 percent in 2017 the baccalaureate exams, according the Ministry of Education.This announcement came during a presentation by government spokesperson Mustapha Khalfi to the Government Council on Thursday.Khalfi pointed out that the baccalaureate examinations throughout Morocco were held in positive conditions and noted that the significant decline in cases of cheating among baccalaureate was due in part to a number of measures taken by the ministry. For this year’s exams, the Ministry of National Education adopted a number of procedures such as issuing a law against cheating, the commitment system that the examinees approve, cheating detecting devises, he explained. Khalfi added that these measures would be strengthened to overcome cheating in the coming year.The government official also stated that 295,145 public education students  sat for the baccalaureate exams this year, representing 91 percent of the total candidates.The remaining 9 percent of candidates (30,640) came from private institutions.The official also highlighted that the most significant development in this year’s examinations is that a group of  143 candidates coming from four disciplines in the professional sector sat for the baccalaureate exams.Also in this session, the number of examinees who are not committed to public or private programs reached 89,425 individuals.

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