Maroc Telecom Awarded the IIA Certification for Internal Audits Activities

Rabat – Maroc Telecom received the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) certification for its internal auditing activities, awarded by the French Institute of Internal Audit and Control (IFACI), in accordance with the Professional Internal Audit Framework (RPAI) based on International Standards on Internal Auditing.Maroc Telecom is thus the first company listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange to obtain this certification, which attests that its internal audit activities meet strict criteria of independence and competence and contribute strongly to the continuous improvement of business processes.The IFACI certification ensures the telecommunications giant’s enforcement and compliance of the 25 requirements of the 2015 Internal Audit Professional Repository classified according to three levels: the resources available to Maroc Telecom’s Internal Audit (independence, objectivity, charter, ethics), the services it implements (risk-based audit plan, corporate governance, methodology and audit work) and the supervision and control of the audit (supervision, insurance program ND quality improvement). “This international recognition is a further guarantee of the professionalism of Maroc Telecom and reflects its stated willingness to align its audit and control activities with international standards,” the company said in a statement.

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