A comprehensive analysis of the Wahaha marketing

in people’s impression, the Wahaha brand influence can not be ignored, can gallop business so long, Wahaha is a means marketing, I believe many people still do not understand, now Xiaobian for you to resolve.

experts even believe that the secret of Wahaha continued success is marketing, marketing is the core competitiveness of wahaha.

Wahaha sales cannot do without the distribution channel, but the channel is not the only factor, Wahaha also a lot of products in the marketing system did not open the market situation. Some products because of their characteristics and can’t enjoy the channel failure, but a completely suitable for marketing system in the circulation of the Wahaha seeds, large cooking nutrition wet noodles, drinks, yogurt, Le Kang beneficial as pure milk can not play a good market.

Why can

now said Wahaha company customer margin balances up to dozens of nearly 10 billion yuan. Such a large amount of capital can let Wahaha do a lot of convenience. The second is the Wahaha capital return on time, the capital turnover rate increased significantly; the margin system is the advance in disguise, basically no accounts receivable pressure, dealers to get the end of the month the monthly payment rebate, must be active, so the payment turnover of at least 12 times a year.

in the capital’s enthusiasm, marketing with low cost financing function will naturally coolhead.

in FMCG field is not only to absorb the Wahaha marketing financing function? In fact, as long as there is a popular brand not receiving the dealer margin or advance, the more popular products receive more and more powerful not only even under the edge of the dealer dealers have received the two batch of distribution. At the same time to product transport logistics providers have to pay a large margin products to Brand Company.


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