Looking back on the road to the development of today’s magic Starbucks

now, we all know that Starbucks, Starbucks is a world famous coffee shop, has also become a famous brand. However, Starbucks is how to step by step to success, the development history of Starbucks is how, or a little-known, next, let us into Starbucks’s past, look at how it came to this magical height.

1981, Howard Schultz suddenly found Seattle was a Starbucks coffee shop with their company ordered many drops of global coffee pot, and the order is more than the local well-known department store in Seattle, Howard Schultz feel curious about a reason for it, is all the way from New York a look down to Seattle. After Seattle Starbucks coffee, drink the first cup of Starbucks coffee, Howard Schou Azee immediately scared, Howard Schou Azee believes that compared with lose self-control, Starbucks coffee, American coffee is horse urine, water! So Howard Schou Azee then decided to give up everything, into Starbucks, let the Americans farewell drink bad coffee time, welcome to like God is the deployment of Starbucks coffee time!

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