Exclusive: WWE superstar Sasha Banks excited with India visit, ready to explore New Delhi

first_imgFormer World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) RAW women’s champion Sasha Banks is in India for the first time and she said she is very excited to step foot in the country.Banks, who is going to face Alexa Bliss on Saturday, also said that she’s absolutely buzzed to be in Indian and she is looking forward to her match with Bliss on December 9.”I’m very excited. This is my first time here in India and I got in this morning. I hopefully will get to explore later tonight. I’m really excited to meet all my fans. I get a lot of tweets and Instagram messages saying ‘Hey when are you going to be here in India?’ and now the Legit Boss is here,” Banks told indiatoday.in.The last time she spoke to indiatoday.in, she asked her fans to tell her what to do in India and speaking about that, she said she didn’t check much but she might have definitely got some.”I think I got, I didn’t really read them. The Singh Brothers are actually going to take me out to go explore. So they could just keep up on my Instagram page, to see where I go,” said Banks.Sasha, who was really emotional after her match with Bliss at Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, said it was perhaps the second best moment in her career so far.So nice to meet you @KavitaDeviWWE today pic.twitter.com/PvoNXxIMtY- $asha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE) December 8, 2017″That feeling was honestly incredible. It was a feeling I used to feel for NXT takeover. It’s crazy that I haven’t felt that way for a while. I knew how special that moment was and what it meant for not only WWE but women all over the world that we are breaking down doors and showing the whole country that women can do it just like the guys. Though we were fully clothed but it’s a step towards something where women can be treated equal and showing the world that women can do it just like the guys. Honestly, it’s one of my top highlight of my career. NXT Brooklyn was No.1 and last night was No. 2.That was something so special.” she said.advertisement”And I’m really looking forward to perform here tomorrow (Saturday) night in India because I know these fans are going to be crazy because they’re already pretty crazy here in the hotel already. Really looking forward to tomorrow night,” she added.The 25-year-old along with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Bayley or the Four Horsewomen as they were called, brought in a revolution in the women’s division coming in from NXT. Talking about that, she said that she is proud of that and hopes that this goes on in the future. And that is exactly what is happening. Led by former women’s champion Paige, the duo of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, under the name ‘Absolution’ is dominating Monday Night RAW and has already taken the women’s division in the red brand by storm. They have targeted Banks on more than one occasion and in the latest match between her and Paige, she lost to the Englishwoman. Talking to us about countering Paige and Absolution, she said that the plans have not worked out and hence she has to go back to the drawing board.Onto #WWEIndia time to get my Bollywood on @SinghBrosWWE ?????? pic.twitter.com/4clatcG9R3- $asha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE) December 7, 2017″The plans we’ve had so far hasn’t worked out. They attacked me from behind, attacked my friends and Paige beat me last week. So I have to go back to the drawing board and I have to figure out what works for Sasha Banks and I’m ready to bring down my revenge. Mandy Rose doesn’t stand a chance, Sonya doesn’t stand a chance…Paige has a little bit of experience…so I’ll give her that one. Maybe we should make it a best out of seven like Cesaro and Sheamus had,” said the four-time RAW women’s champion. Here are a few excerpts from the exclusive interview:Have you had the chance to see any Bollywood movie?I don’t know much about Bollywood, I’ve heard the music before…I love the clothing, dancing and I actually got to do the Bollywood dance with the boys before but if you recommend any film, I’d love to watch them.Teaching me Bollywood dancing! How did I do? @SinghBrosWWE pic.twitter.com/ZGqO4T6DUa- $asha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE) December 8, 2017India is famous for it’s delicacies? So, tried anything yet?I only had a tiny bit. Had breakfast, which was nothing crazy for my American style. But I also had this Zuccini Pasta, which was amazing and I’ll go back for [email protected] in #India, please welcome the one & only @sashabankswwe!#WWELiveIndia pic.twitter.com/6NBqW3YQR4- WWE (@WWEIndia) December 8, 2017Do you think ‘Absolution’ can be anything like ‘The Shield’?Absolutely not. No!Will you call in the ‘Four Horsewomen’ if needed against them?If it’s needed. Would I call in them? Absolutely! Charlotte,  Becky, myself and Bayley…we are the ‘Four Horsewomen’ — we are a team  and we are a solid team. So having us all joining forces, not only take on Absolution, the Riot Squad…we could take over the whole world…we can even take over ‘The Shield’. I bet.last_img

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