What street to do to attract attention

1. stands before the hypermarket port

the author lives near the community, there is a large supermarket, said supermarkets, actually small, near the area of population is not too much, the business of flat light, tepid. In Shanghai, such a large store, when the number of more than 50. And there’s no place.

logically, this product belongs to spread the goods. But to my surprise, they are doing quite well. The door to sell peanut seeds, one day can sell the coarse estimation to 400 yuan turnover; turnover of only meat on high not low. Such a small business, can do this, is really amazing.

As for the

2. subway small ornaments

There is no single

is the small scale, only three months time, let a friend in trouble getting picked up the gift company. In the first half of the year, each month’s turnover doubled and doubled, and the friend opened the flower naturally.

3, subway channel backpack store

The subway

this is the store for half an hour, in the store inside People are hurrying to and fro. and many customers, The stream never stops flowing., buy — are very young girls. Later find someone to ask, originally this store has opened a chain, that is, people’s Square in the subway tunnel started.

by flow of people to sell products in the price.

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