Nanjing house prices rose for the 21 consecutive month in December rose to a minimum of 0 2%

house is a big problem on the livelihood of the people in life, a lot of people hard to save money to buy a house, but not on the rise in prices but with rhythm. Nanjing continued to rise nearly 2 years of housing prices, and finally to break down a breath. The National Bureau of statistics December 19th morning announced in November 70 large and medium-sized city house price changes, the second city prices rapid cooling, Nanjing prices rose on a monthly basis, from 2.4% in October, fell to 0.2% in November – this is the Nanjing housing prices rose for twenty-first consecutive months, this year is the smallest increase in a month.

a second tier cities prices fast cooling

of the National Bureau of statistics data show that in November, 70 large and medium-sized city, a number of new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices rose in the city were reduced, 7 less than in October and 8; a decline in the number of city increase, respectively, last month increased 4 and 7.

four tier cities, in addition to Guangzhou’s new home prices rose by more than 0.9%, Shenzhen and Shanghai fell by 0.3%, respectively, in, Beijing chain rose to 0. Who led the second city leader and no longer, the Xiamen new home prices fell 0.2% in November, Hefei housing prices fell 0.1%.

if the second half of November alone pulled out to see, cooling more obvious. The country’s 15 first-line second tier hot cities, November prices fell in the city has 5, but in the second half of November, prices fell in the city has a total of 9. In the second half of November, prices did not fall in the 6 cities, Hefei and Chengdu to stop rising, only Ji’nan and other cities in the 4 house prices rose.

said the expert interpretation, in the regulation of local, city facilities strategy, a second tier city housing prices fall, the trend was stable.

Jiangsu: Nanjing stop, Yangzhou Maojian

Jiangsu City, the current round of price increases momentum in Nanjing, housing prices significantly stagflation. Nanjing November house prices rose 0.2%, but in the second half of November, the data is down by 0.1%. In October, Nanjing still has a 2.4% gain. November has been the twenty-first consecutive month of house prices in Nanjing, the current round of rising prices peaked in the middle of this year, when Nanjing had more than a monthly increase of 4%. Six months in the past, prices have been close to stop up.

in addition to Nanjing, Jiangsu and other 3 city house prices seem restless". Yangzhou November new home prices rose 1.9%, second only to Quanzhou, in the top 70 cities in the top second. Xuzhou housing prices rose 1.6%, also ranked the forefront of the country. A few months ago, prices rose Wuxi 0.8% rose recommended

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