Google Goggles, Metaio, Bing AR: Today’s Top Stories in Augmented Reality

first_imgYour phone can translate foreign language text just by looking at it through Google Goggles. A South Korean telecom has released a product similar to Google Goggles. The social content Augmented Reality mobile browser junaio will have a new version released at SXSW next month and there’s now an 8 minute video from TED available detailing Microsoft’s plans for Bing, including Augmented Reality.Augmented Reality (AR), the practice of displaying data on top of our view of the world around us, is hot stuff. Below are the top stories on AR from around the web over the past 24 hours, selected with help from OneSpot. Watch this space: ReadWriteWeb will be releasing a research report on the use of AR for marketing very soon.Google Demos New Translation Functionality For Google GogglesGeek Sugar“We’ve been able to translate languages with the help of Google Translate for a while now, but this new function within Google Goggles (which I’m already a big fan of) kind of blows my mind.” metaio @ SXSW 2010Augmented Reality BlogMetaio will present a whole new version of its social content mobile AR browser junaio at SXSW this year. The company’s Unifeye Mobile SDK is also among the finalists of the “Accelerator” competition.A New Augmented Reality (AR) Application in Korea : OvjetGIS + AR (Augmented Reality)“Korean mobile network provider SK Telecom has revealed a new augmented reality application called Ovjet for Android-platform mobile phones. It seems like quite similar to the concept of Google Goggles. “ Microsoft Bing Maps augmented reality demo at the TED 2010Short 8 minute TED Talk from Microsoft’s Blaise Aguera y Arcas on the company’s latest evolution of Bing Maps. Included an Augmented Reality demo. Here’s the video. 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Related Posts Tags:#Augmented Reality#news#web 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…center_img marshall kirkpatrick 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnoutlast_img

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