How to successfully run a fruit shop

now, the fruit has become the people’s lives in a little not, therefore, is now on the market of the fruit shop business is very hot, a fruit shop is a very profitable business, so, how to open a fruit shop to be successful?

in the shop door, a district residents secretly told Chinese despite the small business, traffic is very convenient, but residents prefer to bridge north to buy fruit, to patronize the fruit store. Unless the "emergency", to the store to buy a little.

in the north near the door had opened two fruit store owner of a small small Tong and his wife told reporters that the current open fruit store can be said to survive. The fruit store store usually takes 30 – 50 square meters, the general area stores rent at least hundreds of yuan, and these costs for the small fruit stall operators, almost all monthly income.

if the shop a little bigger, is to hire, if coupled with artificial wages, shop decoration, utilities and so on, almost no profit at all, it is now able to support the operation of "master". The first half of this year, Xiao Tong and his wife can not continue to operate, to start a new business.

fruit store just the name, is not really a monopoly

The so-called "

> monopoly

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