Little woman in the family cleaning industry gold accumulated nearly 200 thousand yuan of wealth

Sun Yanzi is a Chongqing,, graduated from Chongqing Institute of Technology in 1995. After graduating from college, Sun Yanzi in Chongqing, a state-owned enterprises to do statistical work. She was unwilling to mediocrity to interpersonal relationship, then more and more intolerable state-owned enterprises rigid management system and politics so working here for more than a year later, Sun Yanzi left the foundry.

in Xiamen for years, is her ability to all aspects of the preliminary exercise a few years. She did the statistical work, doing advertising work in Fujian branch of Xinhua news agency and network editor. Decided to change to do network editor Sun Yanzi, connect to the Internet is what all don’t know, but with their aggressive and learning ability, and she smoothly passed a month probationary period. Sun Yanzi at that time, it does not matter, no one will be born, choose the right to go to school, dare to challenge themselves.

Network editor

at home for more than a year, Sun Yanzi went to the Chongqing branch of Xinhua news agency working for a long time, she was 26 years old, the heart still didn’t stop flying feet. So she turned into a completely unfamiliar to her industry — direct advertising industry, here, she got a highly abnormal boss, from the general staff to the deputy general manager of the company, and it is here, Sun Yanzi has been training and exercise management ability. When Chongqing’s direct advertising market is not mature, although they have very hard, or a step toward the edge of collapse……

and her husband had already made more than 6 years of business, or have experience in stone conservation. This advantage can be used by their own cleaning company. That’s the idea

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