Police need to restore public confidence – PSC

first_imgThe Private Sector Commission (PSC) has urged the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to up its stance in ensuring that public confidence is restored and maintained.PSC executive member Gerry Gouveia said that the PSC was pleased with the recent Police statistics which show a decline in criminal activities; however, he said while that was good, it does not edge out the importance of public confidence in the Police.Gouveia was raising his views during the presentation of the Force’s security plans for the Christmas season.He said he can recall the period when the Force was booming with public confidence, however, according to him that is currently at a low end.“I don’t think the statistics is going to change that, what is going to change that is this plan that I heard that was unveiled to do with the Policing plans for Christmas. I am a big advocate against having the Army in crime fighting in urban areas, but I certainly believe that in a small country like ours, there is a place for the Army, when the time is right and I think the time is now,” Gouveia told senior Police officials, which included Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud and Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum.Gouveia said the Army needs to now join with the Police and increase the presence of armed patrols on the streets, especially in areas where the statistics reveal a high prevalence of crime.“In business communities we are hearing all kinds of conspiracy theories happening with guns and gangs,” he said, continuing that when people lack confidence in the Police Force; they begin taking matters into their own hands.“Right now I know that people are developing Whatsapp groups and they themselves are taking out pictures of people and circulating it. I had about 10 pictures on my phone of alleged (criminals). And I’m wondering why they are not sending it to the Police.”He said the Police need to take that into consideration. He said that while the statistics are good, restoring public confidence is the main thing.He also turned his attention to citizens themselves, saying that each person must also play their part by helping the Force.“Citizens got to get involved in hunting you… And in that sense I want to say that we have been helping the Police Force at all levels”.Gouveia, who is also CEO of Roraima Group of Companies, offered to provide one hour free airborne surveillance time to the Police Force each month. He said he hopes other citizens could also help the Police in getting their job done.last_img

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