‘Ailing and Failing: Ellen Must Step Down’

first_imgA 39-year-old pastor has called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to “step aside from the presidency and permit someone else to take over the leadership of Liberia.Pastor and Prophet Caleb W. Askie, general overseer of the Wisdom Tabernacle of  Arthington, Montserrado County, told the Daily Observer Monday, April 28, that he had  received a message from God for President Sirleaf to step down and allow someone else to govern the country.In an exclusive interview,   Prophet Askie claimed that President Sirleaf is “ailing and failing”, and is therefore advised by the good Lord to step down.If she does, Askie prophesied, no one will prosecute her for any reason; so that should not concern her. “Ellen has done a lot of good for the country, especially during her first term,” Pastor Askie asserted.“But I have now received a message from the Lord that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is ailing and failing, thus making her incapable [of continuing to] govern this country. Though I have not met her personally, yet most times God speaks to me in such manner,” he explained. Press Secretary’s ResponseThe Daily Observer immediately contacted Presidential Press Secretary Jerolinmek Piah for a comment on Pastor Askie’s prophecy.  Mr. Piah replied that it was “not for us to say whether the prophecy is true or not, for this is a spiritual matter, which is not scientific.“But,” he added, “God is a just God and maybe He will Himself one day speak to the President and tell her what He wants her to do.”Mr. Piah suggested that the Daily Observer contact the President’s religious advisor, the Rev. Jarvis Witherspoon.When contacted, Rev. Witherspoon frankly told this newspaper that Pastor Askie was not the only one who had brought such a message.  Others, he said, have done the same.He proposed a meeting with the Prophet along with other pastors of varying denominations, who would then jointly deliver the message to the President.Prophet Askie said President Sirleaf has not been able to succeed in the fight against corruption, and that her continued stay in power is making no impact.According to him, if the President refuses to heed the message, the country may find it very difficult to get a possible successor.“Ellen is failing; yet her government officials want her to remain in leadership, not for the good of the country, but to fulfill their selfish desires. This is detrimental to the progress of the State, as her staying in power until the end of her term may likely make it difficult to find the right successor,” he explained.According to Askie, there are some government officials who do not want to accept the idea of the president relinquishing power because of their selfish ambitions.“There are some government officials and others around her who, because of greed, would like for the President to remain in power. But if only she could listen to this message the country will definitely move forward,” he said.Pastor Askie said that there is a time for every leader to govern; and after that time has expired, the capacity of said leader can no longer be efficient.“I am of the understanding that Ellen should have led this country only for the first term. The President was very vibrant in her first term but in this second term, she is truly declining.Asked what would happen if the President declined the message to step aside, Prophet Askie said he believed that someone who has not been selected by God would attempt taking over the country, and that could spell trouble. But he said the country would not return to war, though there could be problems simply because the person who takes over “would not be the one ordained by God.” The same thing almost happened when King David in the Bible was declining in health and his son Adonijah attempted to seize power.  But he was not the anointed one; as such no one knew about his takeover.  When David anointed Bathsheba’s son Solomon, however, the whole country rejoiced and he became one of Israel’s most successful kings.Prophet Askie insisted that if Ellen stepped aside, God would anoint someone to take her place; and that would spell the beginning of prosperity for the country.“Liberia has a bright future,” Askie prophesied, adding, “Liberia will rise,” but not under Ellen.”The pastor first made his revelation during a church service last Saturday evening at the Agape Prophetic Fellowship on GSA Road. An Observer employee, who heard his prophecy, alerted the paper.On Monday, the paper contacted the Pastor, who agreed to an interview at the newspaper’s McDonald Street office.Prophet Askie was born on April 3, 1975 in Mano River, to the union of Charles and Charlesetta Askie.A graduate in Drafting from the W.V.S. Tubman High School, Monrovia in the mid-1990s, Askie said he had wanted to become a neurosurgeon; but his grandmother, Mrs.  Maryann Askie told him he had better become a pastor.  He then traveled to Lagos, Nigeria, where he spent nine months at a Bible college.He also discovered his talents in painting. As such, the pastor and prophet is also an artist.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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