Blueberry Hill residents slam RDC for deplorable drainage

first_imgResidents of Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden, who recently protested against substandard work on one of the community’s mainA drain in the community filled with sandthoroughfares, have also slammed the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) for the deplorable condition of several drains.In many instances, this newspaper observed that the drains, which residents claimed were not properly constructed, contained stagnant water or overgrown vegetation. According to community members, the drains have been in a terrible state for years without any intervention from local authorities.While some have pointed to the failure on the part of contractors to carry out such projects effectively, others believe the onus is on the RDC to ensure they are done according to specifications. Speaking on one of the faulty drains, resident Lisa James said those living in the area were now suffering as a result of the defects.“They do a bundle of stupidness. Now the residents living with that drain that they put deh. A set of mosquitoes living in the water. Now you know what they does say? Is we the residents sit down and accept it. Now they got to give we what we need,” she said.FloodingSeveral other residents complained of flooding in their homes and yards during inclement weather, and blamed the poorly constructed drains coupled with the topographic nature of the Blueberry Hill area.According to them, if there are consultations with residents before such projects are carried out, there might be better outcomes. A resident said she was happy recently to see a drain being constructed in her street, but it only made matters worse as her home continued to be flooded, despite the drains being cleared.“If the relevant people can come and meet with the people in the community, that is what we want, because we are affected and only we can say what goes on. If anyone come, we would be able to say well this is what affecting we. If you come and sit with the people, discuss how we’re being affected or tell us what you plan to do, we could probably say to you what could work. They never come and sit with the people. They just coming and do as they feel,” a resident noted.Just last week, residents took to the streets in protest and blocked one of the main thoroughfares on account of what they described as substandard work by contractors. They said they were “fed up of being treated poorly” in terms of community infrastructure. (Utamu Belle)last_img

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