Liu Lanfang in the United States about her Qingyang yachet story

from the laid-off workers to master of Arts and crafts, Liu Lanfang with the spirit of self-reliance created their own career, has led thousands of women to obtain employment opportunities. Show the style and charm of contemporary female entrepreneurs.

2014 in July, the Ministry of culture of the relevant units to organize a group of domestic intangible cultural heritage "to the United States to participate in a Chinese theme of cultural activities, Liu Lanfang was invited as a member. On the White House lawn, Liu Lanfang by way of on-site production and the people of the United States to interact with each other, activities, each person has a 40 minute talk. She shows a talk, be neither humble nor pushy, a China Western woman a new image to the americans.

2015 April, Liu Lanfang once again invited to the United States, in the United States, Yale University and other 5 prestigious lectures. She tells the story of Qingyang sachet again, "spread China national culture DNA". This trip to the United States, a lot of media reports have been reported. Liu Lanfang is the Xifeng District Women’s unremitting self-improvement and actively participate in   "public business", "entrepreneur",   "all innovation", "everyone innovation" banner.

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