XFL scores Week 3: Final results, highlights from Saturday’s games

first_imgAfter a successful start in the first two weeks, the XFL moves on to Week 3 with a pair of games on Saturday and Sunday.We’ll be focusing on the two Saturday matchups in this post. The games today are the Houston Roughnecks at Tampa Bay Vipers and the Dallas Renegades at Seattle Dragons . As I went over in my predictions column for this week , expect the first game to be a beatdown by Houston. The Roughnecks are 2-0 and the Vipers are 0-2 with no offensive touchdowns scored all season. The game is  at  Tampa Bay, so maybe the home field advantage will have some sort of role. On paper this certainly appears to be a lopsided game, but in football you never know what will happen. Any given Saturday, right?The second game on the Week 3 schedule features a pair of 1-1 teams. This is an important game in the West Division. The Renegades and Dragons both lost in Week 1 before bouncing back with close wins in Week 2. The Dragons have been in a pair of close games, even though they’ve been sloppy on offense.The Renegades struggled in Week 1, but they also played without starting quarterback Landry Jones. He returned in Week 2 and played well enough to get his team a victory. Can he do the same in Week 2 facing a tough Seattle crowd? Follow below to find out.XFL WEEK 3: Odds, picks and predictionsMORE XFL: Rules | Schedule | Uniforms  | RostersSaturday XFL ScoresHouston Roughnecks 34, Tampa Bay Vipers 27Dallas Renegades 24, Seattle Dragons 12Dallas Renegades at Seattle Dragons score, highlightsFinal: Renegades 24, Dragons 12Recap: This was a fun game in the first half, but the Renegades pulled away in the second half. The Dragons led at halftime 12-6, but continued to struggle on offense and were unable to score any more points. Meanwhile, Dallas just kept scoring with 18 unanswered points. Quarterback Landry Jones was relied on heavily, finishing 30-of-41 for 274 yards and three touchdowns. He also had two interceptions, which is why the game was so close at the beginning. Running Back Lance Dunbar played a huge role, catching 9-of-11 targets for 56 yards. Tight end Donald Parham also had a huge game, finishing 5-101-2 on seven targets. Running back Cameron Artis-Payne had 110 scrimmage yards. As for Seattle, quarterback Brandon Silvers finished 21-of-34 for 204 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Seattle used three different running backs, but none were able to get much going. 7:50 p.m.: The Renegades drain most of the clock and finish the drive with a field goal, making this a two possession game. Even if Seattle is able to score, there is no onside kick in the XFL. This one is pretty much over. Renegades lead 24-12.7:34 p.m.: Well, Jones’ fumble didn’t impact the game as Seattle went four-and-out. Curious decision by the Dragons to not kick a field goal to make this a 6-point game. With the “comeback period” within the last two minutes, kicking a field goal would have made sense here. But the Dragons come away empty handed.7:32 p.m.: A brutal mistake by Landry Jones who fumbles the ball away on the first possession, putting Seattle in scoring position immediately.7:30 p.m.: Seattle goes three-and-out for the third straight possession. Despite being down with under seven minutes left, Seattle has opted to punt. The Dragons’ offense has been non-existent in the second half.7:22 p.m.: The Renegades are starting to pull away in this one. Landry Jones finds his big tight end Donald Parham (6-8) on a 65-yard touchdown. But since Dallas was unable to score on the PAT, this is still a one-possession game. Dallas has failed to convert on all three of its PAT attempts this game. Just one conversion would make this game two possessions with 8:47 remaining.Still, Dallas leads 21-12.65 YARDS TO THE HOUSE 😤 @LandryJones12 finds @Jiggydd_49 for the second time tonight to extend the @XFLRenegades lead! pic.twitter.com/ylUfE41E0b— XFL on FOX (@XFLonFOX) February 23, 20207:12 p.m.: The Renegades moved the ball down to the 1-yard line, but opted to kick a field goal on fourth down rather than try for a touchdown. Renegades take a 15-12 lead over the Dragons.Fourth Quarter: Dragons 12, Renegades 126:58 p.m.:  We have points! The third quarter lacked a lot of action, but the Renegades were able to score a touchdown with 3:50 left. Landry Jones found tight end Donald Parham in the endzone for the score. Parham has been featured heavily in this game with six targets and a stat line of 4-36-1 so far.The Renegades failed their point after so the game is tied 12-12.He’s young. He’s huge. He’s ours! @Jiggydd_49 with his second TD reception of the season. #RaisingHell 🔥 #ForTheLoveOfFootball pic.twitter.com/ahODttZwiR— Dallas Renegades (@XFLRenegades) February 23, 2020Halftime: Dragons 12, Renegades 66:19 p.m.: An awful throw by Landry Jones leads to his second interception of the game.6:13 p.m.: Brandon Silvers finds running back Kenneth Farrow in the endzone as Seattle takes the lead back from Dallas. The Dragons went for two after the touchdown, but were unable to convert. Dragons lead the Renegades 12-6.You have to love an RB who can run a route📺 @XFLonFOX🖥 https://t.co/ckVIYqJexu pic.twitter.com/5B31XxHjuK— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 20206:01 p.m.: And Dallas gives the ball right back to Seattle as Landry Jones throws an interception.5:57 p.m.: Landry Jones takes advantage of the double forward pass in a bizarre play. He threw the ball, it got batted down, he caught the ball, but instead of running with it he simply threw the ball again. Overall, the play didn’t mean a whole lot, but it sure was entertaining to watch.DOUBLE FORWARD PASS**TECHNICALLY📺 @XFLonFOX🖥 https://t.co/ckVIYqJexu pic.twitter.com/OT7nviBaiG— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 20205:54 p.m.: Brandon Silvers continues his struggles as he throws an interception to Josh Hawkins. 1st Quarter: Renegades 6, Dragons 65:30 p.m.: The Dallas Renegades have responded. Landry Jones finds Flynn Nagel over the middle of the field for a 12-yard touchdown. But Houston faild on its two-point PAT attempt, so we remain tied at 6-6. Jones had a methodical drive, completing short passes until Dallas finally scored. Jones did it all pretty much himself as running backs Cameron Artis-Payne and Lance Dunbar have combined for two yards on two carries.WR Flynn Nagel evens us up with this 12-yard TD catch! #RaisingHell 🔥 #ForTheLoveOfFootball pic.twitter.com/FzRjOwIYiN— Dallas Renegades (@XFLRenegades) February 22, 20205:16 p.m.: Brandon Silvers finds Austin Proehl in the endzone for the first score of the game. Proehl had a dominate Week 1 performance, but had -1 receiving yard in Week 2 as the Dragons struggled on offense. The Dragons failed their point after try, though. Dragons now lead 6-0.The @XFLDragons strike first! @AustinProehl11 brings it in to put Seattle on top 🐲 pic.twitter.com/EgAjoJYWGN— XFL on FOX (@XFLonFOX) February 22, 20205:08 p.m.: The Renegades started their drive by getting to a 3rd and four situation. Then they had a false start. Then they had a delay of game. Then they couldn’t convert on the 3rd and 14 situation they put themselves into, forcing a punt.Houston Roughnecks at Tampa Bay Vipers score, highlightsFinal: Roughnecks 34, Vipers 27Recap: The Tampa Bay Vipers played their best game of the season, but it wasn’t enough to take down the Houston Roughnecks. Houston now moves to 3-0 on the season while the Vipers fall to 0-3. Tampa Bay stuck with their two quarterback system in the first half, but exclusively used Taylor Cornelius in the second half. Cornelius finished 16-of-31 for 193 yards with two touchdowns (one passing, one rushing) and an interception. For Houston, the Roughnecks were once again led by the incredible QB-WR duo in P.J. Walker and Cam Phillips. Phillips finished with a ridiculous 8-194-3 stat line off of 10 targets, and has now scored six touchdowns in the last two games. Walker finished 24-of-36 for 306 yards with three passing touchdowns, 34 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown and no turnovers. Running back James Butler also played well, rushing seven times for 72 yards. This one of the best games of the season with five lead changes throughout.4:53 p.m.: Vipers QB Taylor Cornelius throws a brutal interception with 1:12 remaining. Tampa Bay has no timeouts left. The XFL rules are odd with clock stoppages in the last two minutes, but this one should pretty much be over.4:48 p.m.: There’s 1:53 left on the clock and the Vipers have a chance to win the game.4:43 p.m.: The Vipers moved the ball all the way down field to the 2-yard line. After four attempts from the 2-yard line, the Vipers came up empty. This could end up being a very costly drive for Tampa Bay, especially if Houston is able to score on the following possession.4:27 p.m.: We’ve had our  fifth lead change of the game .P.J. Walker yet again finds Cam Phillips in the endzone. That is now  six  touchdowns for Phillips in the last two games. The Roughnecks also converted on their 2-point PAT after scoring. Roughnecks lead the Vipers 34-27.PJ Walker to Cam Phillips last week: 3 TDPJ Walker to Cam Phillips this week: 3 TDGoodness.📺 @ABCNetwork🖥 https://t.co/ll9uiONfjq pic.twitter.com/wzwvkJX5tC— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 20204:22 p.m.: Andrew Franks nails a 43-yard field goal to put Tampa Bay ahead. The Vipers lead 27-26.No one expected Tampa Bay to win this game, so this would be a huge upset if the Vipers can hang on.3rd quarter: Roughnecks 26, Vipers 244:07 p.m.: After not scoring on offense for the first two weeks, the Vipers have striked in Week 3. Tampa Bay scored its third offensive touchdown of the game with a 20-yard pass from Taylor Cornelius to Daniel Williams. Tampa Bay’s PAT attempt failed, though, so Houston still holds the lead.And after the touchdown we had some celebration drama.TOO. STRONG.📺 @ABCNetwork🖥 https://t.co/ll9uiONfjq pic.twitter.com/JDq4QxDjFG— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 2020We are HERE for the TD celebration drama📺 @ABCNetwork🖥 https://t.co/ll9uiONfjq pic.twitter.com/LTkUFfROpS— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 20203:58 p.m.: Houston was able the drive the ball down field, but ended up on a field goal attempt. However, the field goal missed.3:46 p.m.: The Roughnecks wasted no time in the second half getting into scoring position. P.J. Walker scored his 10th touchdown of the season on a pass to who else … Cam Phillips. This has been a phenominal duo so far in the XFL. Houston then converted the 2-point play after.Roughnecks 26, Vipers 18😤 @camphil5 was NOT getting stopped on this one.He pushes through everybody to pick up a huge @XFLRoughnecks TD in the second half.📺: ABC pic.twitter.com/0hLmwHZkSu— XFL on FOX (@XFLonFOX) February 22, 2020Halftime: Vipers 18, Roughnecks 18Halftime recap: The Vipers have been impressive so far in this one. Despite being heavy underdogs, Tampa Bay has managed to go into halftime with a tied score. The Vipers keep switching back and forth between quarterbacks, and somehow it’s working as both have scored rushing touchdowns. Houston hasn’t been terrible, but the Roughnecks’ defense allowed the most points per game heading into this week. We should have an exciting second half underway.3:25 p.m.: Tampa Bay fell literally one inch short of scoring a touchdown right before halftime. Instead of kicking a field goal with three seconds left on the clock, Tampa Bay gambled and called a QB sneak, which actually ended up working. The Vipers then went for a 2-point PAT and scored, tying the game.We have a ballgame in Tampa Bay!The @XFLVipers tie it up just before halftime 🐍🔥📺: ABC pic.twitter.com/9CpXLPXkPQ— XFL on FOX (@XFLonFOX) February 22, 20203:21 p.m.: Despite a scoring drive and some success with Quinton Flowers, the Vipers have once again gone back to Taylor Cornelius at quarterback. He’s having some success finally and has driven Tampa Bay into the redzone.3:17 p.m.: Houston drives the ball down the field into the redzone, but failed to score a touchdown. The Roughnecks  did  however, score a field goal. Houston extends its lead by three.Roughnecks 18, Vipers 103:04 p.m.: P.J. Walker continues to amaze.The Houston QB mishandled the snap, but that was no problem for him. He just picked it up and managed to run the ball into the endzone for a touchdown. Walker has now scored nine touchdowns through 2.5 games, making him the early MVP favorite.Houston attempted a 3-point PAT after, but failed to convert. Roughnecks 15, Vipers 10We are running out of adjectives to describe what PJ Walker can do on a football field.Any help?📺 @ABCNetwork🖥 https://t.co/ll9uiONfjq pic.twitter.com/Li96FEboBi— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 20202:53 p.m.: THE VIPERS HAVE SCORED AN OFFENSIVE TOUCHDOWN!  Tampa Bay has been mocked all season for its offense, but the Vipers have shown up today. Sticking with QB Quinton Flowers, the Vipers went down the field and scored on a read option play with Flowers. Tampa Bay went with a 1-point PAT after and were successful.Flowers has played well so far. He’s 4-of-4 passing for 51 yards and has 29 rushing yards with a score.Vipers 10, Roughnecks 9Quinton Flowers is TAKING OVER this game📺 @ABCNetwork🖥 https://t.co/ll9uiONfjq pic.twitter.com/oJ9ugUpR1t— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 20201st Quarter: Roughnecks 9, Vipers 62:38 p.m.: Tampa Bay listened to its fans and have put Quinton Flowers in the game. Flowers’ role in this offense is odd as he randomly shows up every couple of drives. He actually talked about this to the Tampa Bay Times earlier this week.“You have to get a feel for what the defense is doing,” Flowers said. “So it’s hard to get a rhythm and get yourself going when you’re not really getting reps or if you keep swapping in and out. So you just got to wait your time and just always stay on top of your game.”2:31 p.m.: Houston scores on a LONG BOMB. P.J. Walker throws it deep to Cam Phillips, connecting on an 84-yard touchdown. Phillips has been a star as he caught three touchdowns in Week 2. The Roughnecks then went for a 3-point PAT after scoring and connected, taking a 9-3 lead over the Vipers. P.J. Walker bombs it deep WHILE GETTING TACKLED84-yard touchdown to Cam Phillips. pic.twitter.com/VsoY4Vkblu— XFL on Sporting News (@sn_xfl) February 22, 20202:25 p.m.: Vipers fans are tired of starting quarterback Taylor Cornelius and have been chanting for backup Quinton Flowers.Vipers fans have been chanting “We want [Quinton] Flowers” while Taylor Cornelius is at QB. pic.twitter.com/vyhFSNs80S— XFL on Sporting News (@sn_xfl) February 22, 20202:09 p.m.: The Vipers started off with the ball on offense, and have still not scored a touchdown. However, they had a solid drive and were able to get the ball into field goal range. The Vipers take an early 3-0 lead over Houston.2:05 p.m.: Tampa Bay had a somewhat creative kickoff return to start the game.A little (almost) trickery for @XFLVipers to start this one off📺 @ABCNetwork🖥 https://t.co/ll9uiONfjq pic.twitter.com/GdS7765Xmg— XFL (@xfl2020) February 22, 2020last_img

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