What are the female college students’ entrepreneurial projects in 2016

now has more and more college students after graduation to embark on the entrepreneurial market, especially some female college students, in the face of the complex job market, entrepreneurship seems to be a choice for more girls. However, female college students want to get the success of the business, but also need to choose the nature of entrepreneurship projects. So, in 2016, female college students suitable for entrepreneurial projects? Let me see small series of.

2016 female college students suitable for entrepreneurial projects? Open the toy bar.

According to the form of

and the current development trend, open a toy is feasible, it can enrich people’s leisure life, open intelligence, reduce stress, and have less investment and quick return of investment projects, easy operation, stable performance and other advantages. It can provide all kinds of toys, adult toys for customers, such as stereo chess, four singles, harvesters, Huarong and Germany, the cage to take the treasure, puzzle twelve, nerve racking Fox and goose, nine Maori dance and Kong Mingsuo 100.

The advantage of

strategy: 1) business address should choose office buildings and nearby universities, so the early opening will have a stable consumer group; 2) in addition to operating toys, can also run tea, cakes and other snacks, both for the convenience of customers, and increase income; 3) to the surrounding cities and counties can also sell adult toys, the development of franchise stores, so that your business will become more and more prosperous.

2016 female college students suitable for entrepreneurial projects? Home fashion MM jewelry store.

fashion jewelry let the girls release the vitality of youth, beautiful complex let the girls give generously.

According to the survey on

China women’s jewelry market of our country authority, women jewelry market in China per capita share of less than 5%, while Japan reached 98.2%, Thailand 68%, Hongkong 54%, Singapore 48%, Malaysia 47%. At present, China’s women’s consumption rate is increasing at an annual rate of 19%. Girls become the main consumer of small adorn article, they need to meet the spiritual needs of fashion and cheap jewelry. Therefore, the small jewelry market potential, great development value.

2016 female college students suitable for entrepreneurial projects? Open hand home shop.

hand-painted home store can be full of pastoral style hand-painted household items, from decorative painting, flower pots, vases, kettles, telephone, cloth, curtains to the furniture, each can bring different feelings. Most people can not imagine, these materials are painted before how ugly in appearance.

will scrap a variety of lovely shape, and then painted in color or pattern, since it became like Home Furnishing accessories. It’s hard to define fields

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