Ten expert Chinese rich entrepreneurial achievement model

to do a successful grassroots entrepreneurs, you need to pay more efforts than ordinary people. Invest 200 million yuan to the national poverty county fiscal revenue is only 100 million yuan of cattle sheep, spent 200 million yuan, did not see the benefits of the last to sell real estate, writing brilliant Chen Yaoxiang wealth in the barren loess ground, this afternoon successfully boarded the "kingrich car Cup" the second business models induced by the podium rich.

2005 year, Chen Yaoxiang returned to the hometown of bitter heaven "- Gansu Longxi County cattle sheep with 200 million yuan of funds. 200 million yuan equivalent to the county’s fiscal revenue in Longxi. At that time, the Deputy Secretary of Longxi County, said: many people do not understand his investment, some think he was throwing money in that place."

2008 years, Chen Yaoxiang invested two hundred million yuan spent all, but did not produce benefits, in order to improve the variety, he sold his last point in Lanzhou property. About the matter, Chen Yaoxiang said: "I have such a character, I don’t want to be a deserter, I don’t want to stop, not a word in my bones."

2009, and improved varieties of Chen Yaoxiang’s success, beef meat rate increased from 30% to 60%; he bold innovation, in order to send the ewe lamb also, improved varieties breeding + + fast recovery processing "mode, in cooperation with the more than 20 thousand households, 3 years of time, so that their cattle population reached 200 thousand first, the sheep population 700 thousand.

Tang Daoyuan;

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