Shen Xiaofu authentic Sichuan noodle taste by the chowhound welcome

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noodle snacks, Xiaobian authentic Sichuan rice vermicelli must pick Shen Xiaofu noodle, authentic Sichuan noodle, want to is the kind of spice. Here is a brief introduction to Shen Xiaofu.

Shen Xiaofu noodle authentic taste comes from ancient brewing, now do eat these two guarantees. Shen Xiaofu is in the field of nanowires with a long history of traditional brands, in addition to innovation and development, has always insisted on the ancient brewing noodle, still keep the traditional production of hundreds of years ago, always uphold the principle is to eat fresh, so diners can enjoy the most original Sichuan noodle mellow. Now, Shen Xiaofu in the fashionable bourgeois new concept to seize the noodle rice noodle market, with the combination of Chinese and Western fashion brand image, forming a huge difference with the ordinary noodle market stores at the same time, but also bring diners amazing feeling.

Shen Xiaofu

owns 19 series hot delicacy, in addition to the main 10 most popular noodle products, supplemented by the old time, tea drinks, snacks, taste beef noodle, tomato noodle sirloin are the most common noodle eaters. Shen Xiaofu creative launched the Thai hot and sour rice noodles, beef noodle noodle fish and other characteristics, but let diners can experience more different flavors of fashion noodle. The Thai hot and Sour Rice as an example, this collection of noodle different styles of Chinese and Thai, in sour and spicy taste let diners eat fully and delightfully. A lot of people have tasted Shen Xiaofu rice vermicelli, said Shen Xiaofu’s noodle beyond people’s expectations, no one can eat delicious enemy, it is worthy of trust.

of course, Shen Xiaofu in addition to being welcomed by diners, but also many investors favored. Shen Xiaofu has been able to get diners and investors love, or its own advantages inseparable. Shen Xiaofu in the production of food, always put the needs of diners in the first place, which makes the majority of diners in terms of nutrition and health have been met. In the brand to join, Shen Xiaofu uses the entire shop output mode, a one-stop shop support model, O2O model and other measures to protect the interests of investors, allowing investors to venture capital from scratch, really win in the starting line, great wealth business from Shen Xiaofu noodle stores began.

Shen Xiaofu

Shen Xiaofu delicious no one can be enemies, and its noodle shop to create a wealth of business opportunities, it is no wonder that diners and investors are welcome. Such a popular brand, as investors look at you, can not be tempted to put it into action, the success of Shen Xiaofu from the beginning!

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