Tony Gwynn

first_imgTony Gwynn of the San Diego Padres passed away from mouth cancer recently.  Most baseball experts agree he might have been the best hitter since Joe DiMaggio.  These baseball people also hope that the younger ball players look at the smokeless tobacco usage that led to Tony Gwynn’s cancer and avoid this habit from developing.Tony had 8 batting titles to his name.  His 20-year major league average was .338.  He had 3,141 hits and 135 home runs in these 20 seasons.  He didn’t have as many hits as Pete Rose, but his overall batting average was higher.  He was a 15 time all-star and is credited with being the first major leaguer to study his hitting through the use of video.The right fielder wore Number 19 for his entire pro-baseball career.  He has a son, Tony, Jr., playing major league ball at this time with Philadelphia.last_img

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