Beneficiaries under the policy

the current preferential policy innovation has already carried out the most basic business groups, more and more entrepreneurs in policy help, realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth, taking advantage of the opportunity of entrepreneurship, the dream act quickly!

"such as Wu Laimei entrepreneurs in 2015, we have trained 67, which helped 18 people apply for a total of more than 2 million yuan of small business loans. Also held 4 skills training, training the number of 266 passengers. The new annual turnover of 11 households to help them transfer the land of 2017 acres.   "new town deputy mayor Cen Xiaolu told reporters.

"is the village cadres to help me solve the problem of capital and land two.   "Xie Zuolong is very emotional.   2014, Xie Zuolong successfully apply for forestry small loans 150 thousand yuan, 4500 yuan in 2015 won the national interest; and to apply for a loan of 200 thousand yuan; he is ready to continue to apply for loans this year, will further expand the scale of planting.

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