Polyclinic Bagatin named the best cosmetic surgery clinic in the world!

first_imgWe have all the prerequisites for the development of health tourism, the whole mosaic of health tourism is at our disposal, we just need to connect the dots and start proactively dealing with market development. Synergy, market development and a complete tourism product – that is the winning formula. So, we have the most important, excellent healthcare institutions, which are not only competitive in the global market, but even as confirmed by the profession in Berlin and the best in the world. Also, the day before, the Bagatin Polyclinic was awarded two Temos International accreditations for excellence in medical tourism. This is definitely the best possible promotion of our health tourism, as well as the excellence of our experts. And this is great news for Croatian health tourism. In fact the most important one is the BREAKTHROUGH NEWS. We have everything and everything is up to us. Let’s wake up, show the market what we have because we have something to be ponsoons on. I hope that this award will awaken others, and especially that those who decide to pay attention, at least at this time, will turn to health tourism. And I hope that we will be able to use such bright examples and learn something from them. All of us together and on all levels. And that is why every success and recognition should be praised and supported, because being the best on the European or world scene (the nomination itself is already a huge success), and especially in health tourism where there is no playing with nominations, is for every praise and step closer to the success of our health. tourism. This is not the first time that our healthcare institutions have been nominated or received worldwide recognition. Various certificates, quality systems, and especially recognitions are extremely important because they provide “proof of concept” at the highest level. Here we gain the trust of clients from abroad, but we also position Croatia as a top destination for health tourism. Regardless of what we thought, Croatia is still not sufficiently positioned globally, especially in the context of health tourism, where it is extremely important to build patients’ trust in our health services. center_img Photo: FB Ognjen Bagatin We are constantly talking about potentials, it is time to concretize or use those potentials. Right now and now, because when if not now when Croatian tourism is in trend and in the focus of global tourists and media. At the most important conference for health and medical tourism in Europe – the International Medical Travel Journal – IMTJ, held in Berlin, the Bagatin Polyclinic was named the best clinic for cosmetic surgery in the world, according to 16 experts from around the world. But the clinics themselves cannot do health tourism on their own, we need a complete tourism product. last_img

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