The Krk Tourist Board has developed a platform for the promotion of tourist products

first_imgCampaign slogan “Krk is not just the sea and the sun – Krk is an experience “, it makes it clear that Krk wants to position itself more than the concept of sun and sea. Thumbs up for Krk Tourist Board, thumbs down for destination (whole island of Krk) Unfortunately, there is still a lack of synergy and sufficient awareness on the entire island of Krk, that it is necessary to brand one tourist brand, and that is the entire island of Krk, and not individual destinations on the island. So this platform should be based on the offer of the entire island of Krk. Camino Krk is a circular route that passes through the hiking trails of the island of Krk, a total length of 100 km, while the starting point is in the city of Krk, and the final in Kornić in front of the church of St. James.  On the portal a whole range of tourist-themed products is presented as a motive for coming, precisely with the aim of attracting tourists outside the main season. The key word is thematically rounded products, not just individual content. Great platform, but again lacking synergy Camino Krk – an excellent new tourist product as well as a motive for coming in the pre- and post-season Tourism knows no borders nor are tourists interested in the borders of cities and counties, not even states. They are only interested in quality, diverse and authentic content and experience. Of course, with quality accommodation in the service and the most important value for money. Even on the island of Krk for many years, in addition to the seven existing tourist boards, there is the Tourist Board of the island of Krk, but still the whole story is not complete, as one tourist brand – and that is the island of Krk. In Croatia since 1203, the Brotherhood of St. Jacob organized to help pilgrims who then walked from Croatia to Santiago de Compostela and back. Today’s Brotherhood of St. James, based in Samobor, inherits this tradition. She is a member of the Brotherhood of St. Jacob in Santiago de Compostela, the central institution that brings together the associations and fraternities of St. Jacob from all over the world. He is the issuer of the Croatian pilgrimage passport – Credentila, officially accepted as a pilgrimage document with which in Santiago de Compostela a diploma of pilgrimage is obtained – Compostela.  Camino de Santiago – Put Sv. Jakov, is a pilgrimage route of over 800 km that is walked annually by over 320.000 people in Spain, and throughout Europe and significantly more. In 1987, the Council of Europe awarded it the title of “Main Street of Europe”. In 1993, UNESCO declared the Spanish and French part of the road to Santiago a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Road network Sv. Jacob leading in Santiago de Compostela stretches across Europe. From the north of Norway and other Baltic countries, signposts lead to Santiago de Compostela. Photo: Camino Week on Krk is a project that lays the foundations for the development of pilgrimage and religious tourism in order to extend the season and develop tourism in accordance with the principles of sustainability and preservation of tradition, point out the Tourist Board of Krk. It is an event Camino week on Krk which will be held for the first time in the period 30.9. – October 06.10.2019, XNUMX, and is organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Krk and the Brotherhood of St. James with partners. This event marks the beginning of the official Croatian Camino route following the medieval pilgrimage routes on the island of Krk. The thematic route Camino Krk will join the European network of pilgrimage routes of St. James, and create the preconditions for the development of pilgrimage and religious tourism on the island of Krk. center_img “We have singled out integral destination products for the purpose of presenting the city and the island of Krk as a year-round destination and presented them on the portal, through which our guests will have the opportunity to get in direct contact with local stakeholders.”Point out from the Tourist Board of the city of Krk. Precisely with the aim of promoting and selling experiences and content, the Tourist Board of the City of Krk launched a digital platform, ie a website which promotes the contents and tourist products of the city of Krk throughout the year. Certainly, in order to take a step further so that all tourist products can be purchased directly on the platform online, I must be imperative. Because tourists are not interested in who does the implementation, but only the experience. And if we have already attracted attention and interested them in the arrival and consumption of any of these tourist products, all that remains is the action and the purchase of the same. This way it is missing, so a step further is needed, which is certainly not efficient. Today in the modern age we all want it now and now, and if we already have the consent to buy and can’t do it, the focus and interest suddenly drops or disappears. There is no worse situation than postponing a purchase, and it only took one click. But this is certainly an example of how one destination should be developed and presented, through one digital platform where experiences and integrated tourism products are sold. Experience and experience are the main drivers of modern tourists when choosing a destination for their vacation, and the sun and the sea have long been insufficient. The focus must be on the content and experience, and this is exactly the solution on how to extend the tourist season. Cover photo: Illustration by The goal of the Camino Week on Krk event is to present a new tourist product to the general public and stakeholders in the destination. It is an event with a rich program related to the Way of St. Jakov (lectures, forums, exhibitions, film screenings…) within which hiking is organized and only marking the route. A similar event will be organized twice a year, in April and October, and the rest of the year visitors will be able to walk alone in their own arrangement according to the proposed itinerary.  This is the first draft of the platform that will develop and grow, and all those who have integrated tourist products would be good to contact the Tourist Board of the city of Krk to be listed on the portal and thus complete the content of the destination. Here we return to the branding of regions, and it is certainly insane that any island, I emphasize the island, has x tourist boards and no synergies, ie that each destination develops tourism for itself without such an important synergy. Both the island of Krk and the island of Brac, Korcula…. There is simply no reason and argument, except of course the political nature or individual “egotrips”, for this situation where everyone looks only at himself. Here I mean again the branding of regions, from Slavonia to Dalmatia, and especially the islands. Chad in fact, this is not a political issue, but a market development where everyone wins, and this is how we stick to the statue quo and stagnate. Obviously it takes some more time to raise awareness about branding and developing the island as one brand, but in today’s modern and technological times where we all fight in the global market competition for attention and for every tourist, it is insane to wait another x years to make something we can do today, and we should have ten years ago. Thus, the thematic products of the destination combine cultural-historical, gastronomic, romantic, religious and dental offer. In addition, the idea for creating stays for families, for boaters, adrenaline lovers, mountaineers, cyclists and artists, ideas for day and multi-day trips, and recommendations on how guests can use their time on the island in the best possible way. . last_img

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