World Economic Forum: Croatia ranks 27th in the competitiveness of the tourism sector

first_imgFor more than a decade the World Economic Forum (WEF) engages tourism industry leaders to deeply analyze the competitiveness of the tourism sector. This year’s report’s Competitiveness Index put Spain at the top of the list, followed by France, Germany, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada and Switzerland. The categories in which Croatia recorded the worst scores were “business environment” (123rd place), “human resources and the labor market” (103rd place), “prioritization of the travel and tourism sector” (57th place) and “price competitiveness” ( 97th place). The full WEF report “The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report” can be found HERE. Ratings by country Overall ranking Source: World Economic Forum On the other hand, Croatia deviated from the European average in the categories of “security” (35th place), “health and hygiene” (22nd place), “readiness for information and communication technologies” (54th place), “openness to foreigners”. “(27th place),” environmental sustainability “(14th place),” air transport infrastructure “(44th place),” road, rail and sea transport infrastructure “(47th place),” tourism services infrastructure “(5 . place), “natural resources” (20th place) and “cultural resources and business travel” (32nd place). This year, Croatia found its place in the 27th position of the overall standings, which is a shift of 5 places from the 32nd position in which it found itself in the 2017 report. In this place, Croatia is 17,6 percent more successful in the competitiveness of the tourism sector than the world average, or 5,9 percent more than the regional (southern Europe). The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, which is published every other year, indexes the competitiveness of the travel and tourism sector of 140 economies and measures a set of factors and policies that enable sustainable development of the sector, which in turn contributes to the country’s competitiveness. Grades by categorieslast_img

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